What to Do if Your Child Has Recurring Ear Infections

Did you know that five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday? When a toddler has the flu, it can lead to earaches.

Most of the time, an earache your child has is due to an ear infection. There’s nothing parents want to do less than listen to their child screaming as they toss and turn with an inflamed ear.

Read on to find out what to do if your child has recurring ear infections.

Prevention for Ear Infections

To start with, make sure to practice good hygiene, particularly after using the bathroom or playing outdoors. Additionally, it is important to boost the child’s immunity, which can be done by eating healthy foods and getting adequate exercise. If your child has allergies, try to avoid or reduce exposure to the allergen as much as possible.

You should also talk to otolaryngologists about what vaccinations your child might need. Finally, make sure that your child is regularly sleeping on their back, as this can help reduce fluid in the middle ear.

Best Medical Treatment for Recurring Ear Infections

It is important to consult an ENT to ensure the right treatment and to rule out and manage any underlying health issues. This may include avoiding allergens or irritants or treating an underlying medical condition.

If allergies or medical conditions can’t be identified, then managing symptoms may be the best course of action. This may include topical ear drops or oral medications, humidifiers, nasal irrigation, or avoiding dairy and fried foods.

Surgery to make a hole in the eardrum may be needed in some cases. Ultimately, it is important to follow the instructions of your doctor to provide the best medical recurring ear infection treatments.

Home Remedies That Can Help Reduce Ear Infection Pain

One popular remedy is using warm olive oil – simply heat the olive oil to a warm temperature and use a dropper to place 5 to 6 drops in the infected ear. This will help reduce the pain and can also help to keep the ear clean.

Another home remedy involves a mixture of salt and warm water – this mixture should be applied to a cotton ball or gauze and then held against the infected ear for a few minutes at a time. This remedy can help to reduce the swelling, redness, and pain of the infection.

Supporting Your Child Through the Healing Process

When dealing with recurring ear infections in children, providing support and comfort can play a significant role in their healing process. Offer to accompany them to medical appointments, to provide reassurance, and to help them stay on top of their treatment plan.

Create a calming environment at home, and let your children know that they can turn to you if they are feeling anxious. Additionally, be patient and understanding with their recovery and help them achieve a stable mindset as they heal.

Things to Do When Your Child Has Recurring Ear Infections

Overall, recurring ear infections can be quite painful for kids. Treating them early with antibiotics, preventing them with vaccinations, and modifying factors that increase the risk of ear infections can significantly reduce their recurrence.

Always consult with a doctor to find the best treatment plan for your child. If your child has frequent ear infections, don’t wait, take action today and help them start feeling better sooner!

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