What Is the Proven Connection Between Sinusitis and Snoring?

Did you know that 28.9 million adults have a diagnosis of sinusitis in America each year?

Not only do most Americans get a bad night’s sleep due to poor bedtime routines. But when sinusitis kicks in, those restless nights become a whole lot worse.

So what’s the connection between sinusitis and snoring? Check out the passage below, and let’s find out!

What Causes Sinusitis?

The sinuses are air-filled cavities located in your skull that help to keep you breathing. They also play a role in keeping your ears clear of infection, which is why ear infections can occur as well.

When these areas become infected or inflamed, it’s called Sinusitis. Sinusitis causes, pain around the eyes, headaches, fever, and a sore throat.

How Does Sinusitis Cause Snoring?

Sinusitis is more than an annoyance; it’s quite serious. It can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nose and sinuses. In turn, this leads to swelling and blockage of the passages through which air flows into the lungs.

If left untreated, it can lead to other health issues. These include asthma, pneumonia, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Can You Fix Your Snoring?

If you’ve got sinusitis, never fear. You can do several things to treat the issue and reduce its effects on your sleep quality.

Cut the Bad Bedtime Habits

First, make sure you’re getting enough rest at night. Try not to stay up late watching TV or surfing the web—instead, try going to bed earlier, so you get better sleep.

Second, avoid using tobacco products as smoking can increase the risk of sinusitis.

Invest in a Good Mattress

Also, make sure you invest in a comfortable mattress for a cozy sleep. Many people with sinusitis and snoring have difficulty sleeping. Yet, they don’t realize how important a mattress is for optimal health and wellness.

A good mattress will provide support while relieving pressure points throughout the body. Besides, consider investing in a pillow designed for those who have insomnia. These pillows contain special features that promote proper alignment and relaxation during slumber.

Talk to Your Doctor

Finally, talk to a doctor like GNO Snoring and Sinus about any medications you might be taking. Some of these can also be contributing to your snoring.

Some over-the-counter remedies can worsen your sinus conditions. So you might find you feel worse than when you started treatment.

Sinusitis and Snoring are Sleep Siblings

Snoring happens when tissues inside the mouth relax too much. That causes vibrations that travel down the back of the throat and vibrate the soft palate. As the vibration travels further down the throat, it creates a raspy noise that the whole street can hear!

So you can see how sinusitis and snoring link up if your sinuses get blocked. Whether that’s for you or your loved one! Now you know you can take steps to a peaceful night’s sleep!

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