What Is HazCom Labeling?

A few decades ago, deaths caused by accidents with hazardous materials were almost four times higher than they are today! What could have caused such an incredible decrease in unnecessary deaths?

Hazcom labeling is a powerful safety system. It has revolutionized our ability to safely handle hazardous materials. You can tell how effective the system is based on how few people die from dealing with hazardous materials these days.

But what exactly is the Hazcom labeling system, and what are the benefits of it? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Hazcom labeling!

What Is Hazcom?

Hazcom labeling is a combination of pictures and words that are required by law to be attached to dangerous chemicals. A standard Hazcom label must label what a product is and who is responsible for creating the product. It also contains several words that explain exactly how dangerous the product is and in what way.

In the past, many companies took the initiative to label products so that their workers would know that they were dangerous. However, the labeling system differed from company to company. The result is, that as workers moved from one company to another, they were unfamiliar with the labeling systems in place.

Hazcom has standardized the labeling of hazardous materials. That way, once learned, you can always detect and understand dangerous materials.

Benefits of Hazcom

Standardized labels have provided many benefits two workers and users alike. First, experts design their images to strongly remind users of potential danger.

On top of that, the labels sort products into just a few categories that define what kind of danger a chemical poses. By having only a few categories to memorize, workers are able to learn the proper way of handling each kind of chemical.

That improvement in handling leads to less exposure to hazardous materials.

On top of that, the simplicity of the Hazcom system allows for this better understanding to be achieved with less training time than before. If you can enjoy fewer injuries and greater understanding, all while having to spend less time learning a safety system, then it’s an easy choice!

The systems of hazardous communication labeling that experts developed to keep us safe can be complicated. It can take a long time to learn exactly which materials need labeling and how to train people to work with those labels. It takes more time to learn how to manage violations of the hazardous communications system.

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Enjoy All of the Benefits of Effective Hazcom Labeling

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article on the importance of Hazcom labeling. In the past, there were far more injuries and deaths due to accidents with hazardous materials. The safety that we enjoy today depends on the systems developed across the decades by experts who learn from past mistakes.

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