What Is a Pre-Roll and Should You Buy One?

The cannabis business is huge right now since it currently on pace to hit $35 billion by the year 2025. As states continue to legalize, we’re seeing recreational shops and medical dispensaries pop up left and right.

If you love cannabis, it pays to become a more informed and educated shopper. Buying a pre-rolled joint is a great way to appreciate the cannabis that you love while getting the most from it.

If you’d like to learn more about what a pre-roll is and why you should buy them, read on.

What is a Pre-Roll and is it Worth Your Time?

Simply put, a pre-roll is a joint that has already been rolled and prepped by the dispensary or manufacturer. Here’s why these pre-rolled joints are a great idea:

1. Buying a Pre-Roll Can Expose You to New and Different Strains

Who doesn’t enjoy trying out new cannabis strains? With a pre-rolled joint, you get to try out new cannabis on your terms.

Rather than having to purchase entire grams or eights, you’ll get to try out a new strain without having to invest a lot of money. In fact, many dispensaries give pre-rolled joints away for customer appreciation.

2. Pre-Rolls Cut Down on Wasted Cannabis

Lots of cannabis goes to waste when it is prepped and put into jars. The weed crumbles, known as “shake”, will otherwise end up in the trash if companies don’t find a use for them.

Instead, many dispensaries take this shake and add it to pre-rolls. This is how they’re able to use them as upsells or free bonuses to orders that their customers place.

3. You Don’t Have to Worry About Taking the Time and Effort to Roll it Yourself

Perhaps the best reason to buy a pre-roll is that it cuts out on the work that you have to do. Instead of having to find your own papers, break down your cannabis in a grinder and go through the effort of rolling, you can simply take your pre-roll out of the tube, spark it, and smoke it right away.

This is incredibly convenient and allows you to appreciate the benefit of someone else’s hard work.

4. Pre-Rolls are Rolled Neatly and Have Filters

Pre-rolled joints are also an excellent idea because they come with filters. This makes it a healthier smoke that doesn’t involve swallowing burned cannabis materials or burning your throat.

The smoke will come through purer and clean, and will also help you to taste the different characteristics of the plant. What’s more, these pre-rolled joints are often rolled with a machine, which means that the cannabis is evenly distributed, so that’s burns slower and better.

Many people that roll their own joints do them sloppily, and with a lot of salivae. Smoking a pre-roll is more hygienic, and will allow you to appreciate every bit of the cannabis that you are ingesting.

Look for the best brands and manufacturers whenever shopping for pre-rolls. A company like AmediCanna.com will be happy to help you out.

Shop for the Cannabis That You Love

If you love cannabis, you will absolutely love pre-rolls. Use the information above and make sure to look out for pre-roll options the next time you stop by your favorite dispensary.

In the meantime, check back with us the next time you’d like to learn more about cannabis news and information.


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