What Are the Most Rare Beanie Babies?

The decline of the Beanie Baby craze starting in the 2000s seemed to indicate that the value of Beanie Baby collections would also decline. But, even in 2022 some Beanie Babies still sell for thousands of dollars.

These rare Beanie Babies could mean a massive payday for casual and serious collectors alike. If you have a Beanie Baby collection, read on to learn about the rarest Beanie Babies and their value in 2022.

The Top 10 Most Rare Beanie Babies

The rarest Beanie Babies still sell hundreds of times their retail prices. Check out this list of the highest value, rare Beanie Babies. Are any of these gems hiding in your collection?

1. Gobbles

The original run of the Turkey Gobbles was released in 1997 and faced retirement 2 years later. This release has many errors that add to his rarity including stage spacing errors and a misplaced trademark symbol. This rare Beanie Baby sells for up to $24,000

2. Halo Bear

The original Halo bear released in 1998 features a distinct brown nose. While other variations of Halo Bear still exist, it’s the original run (which only lasted one year) that sparks the attention of collectors. In 2021, an original Halo Bear sold for $23,500.

3. Princess Bear

TY made Princes Bear in memorial of the late Princess Diana, who passed in 1997. The original run of Princess Bear lasted 2 years and TY donated its proceeds to Princess Diana’s memorial fund. Well-preserved Princes Bears sell for up to $20,000

4. Valentino/Valentina Bear

The male and female Valentine’s Day counterparts found success among Beanie Baby collections from 1995 to 1999. Valentina, released during the final year of the run, is even rarer than Valentino.

While the two sell for between hundreds and thousands of dollars normally, the rarest ones feature tag defects. A version of these two with defects sells for up to $20,000.

5. Clubby Bear

Clubby was the first Beany Baby to sport a button. It reads “TY Beany Babies Official Club.”

TY released Clubby with a special collectors box that allowed some collectors to keep the original run in mint condition. Some versions even contain tag errors, making them more valuable to collectors. So, especially rare versions of Clubby sell for up to $20,000.

6. Whisper

The rarity of Whisper the deer lies in tag errors. Expensive sales of these collectibles almost always feature a defect in the tag. But, that defect can make whisper worth up to $20,000.

7. The End Bear

The End Bear was meant to mark the end of Beany Babies altogether. This limited release from August to December 1999 sparked worldwide protests that would eventually lead to the continuation of Beany Baby production. Pristine versions of The End Bear with tag errors sell for up to $17,000.

8. Blackie the Bear

TY based Blackie the Bear’s design on their earlier Beany Baby, Cubby. In production from 1994 to 1998, versions of Blackie the Bear with tag errors sell for up to $15,000

9. Millennium Bear

Only available from January 1st, 1999 to November 1999, Millenium Bear is available only in limited numbers. This rare Beanie Baby sells for up to $15,000

10. Hope the Bear

Hope the Bear sits in a praying position. Released in 1999 and retired the same year, mint condition versions of Hope with tag errors sell for up to $15,000.

While buying these rare Beanie Babies may be a far-off dream, there are still plenty of other Beanie Babies you can get at a reasonable price. If you are a Beanie Baby collector looking to get a good deal on your next purchase, check out these tips on how to buy Beanie Babies.

More Tips for Collectors

The rarest Beanie Babies are worth a small fortune. Maybe its time to dust off your collection and see if any of your old pals might sell for as much as the ones on our list

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