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What Are the Different Types of Flooring Options That Exist Today?

Whether you’re remodeling your home or building from scratch, it’s likely you’ll want more than one type of flooring. So, what exactly are your options? You’re about to find out.

Below, we list the most common types of flooring options that exist today, along with the pros and cons of each. For example, you’ll learn which types are cheaper and which types are more durable.

Furthermore, certain options are more waterproof and, therefore, better for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Others look nicer in your entryway.

By reading this guide, you’ll learn the best floor type for any room/budget. Discover more below.

1. Hardwood Flooring

In general, hardwood is your best indoor flooring option, period. It’s long-lasting, difficult to damage, and super easy to clean. Thus, it’s your best money-saving option in the long run because of how rarely it needs replacing.

Also, you have plenty of varieties to choose from. You’re free to pick the one that’s best for your budget and your interior decor scheme.

2. Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is a lot cheaper than solid hardwood flooring materials. And, it boasts many of the same advantages as hardwood. However, it’s significantly less durable/long-lasting.

3. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is very similar to engineered wood flooring. In fact, beneath the surface, it’s made of the same engineered wood boards. But instead of a solid wood veneer on top, there’s a synthetic veneer.

The synthetic veneer makes the flooring a lot more resistant to wear, moisture, and fading. The main disadvantage is that lower-quality laminate flooring looks fake/tacky, especially after a few years of wear. Still, the best flooring company in your area will surely have many high-quality, nice-looking laminate flooring options to choose from.

4. Concrete

Concrete is mostly an outdoor flooring solution. But it’s gaining popularity in indoor areas such as kitchens and rec rooms.

It’s incredibly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture and stains (when properly sealed). It can be textured and colored for the desired appearance, too. Speak with flooring industry experts in your area to learn more about your concrete flooring options.

5. Tile

The tile is excellent for appearance, durability, and longevity. And, while it normally runs pretty expensive, there are some on the cheaper end of the spectrum, like concrete tiles. Basically, the only disadvantage is having to scrub with a toothbrush to keep the grout clean.

6. Vinyl/Linoleum

Modern vinyl/linoleum flooring is not as tacky as it used to be—not always, anyway. Some of today’s best flooring installers, like COREtec by US Floors, now offer luxury vinyl flooring that is posh enough to impress all your guests. This flooring is also extremely resistant to wear.

7. Carpeted Flooring

Lastly, carpeted flooring comes in tons of varieties for any budget/decor scheme. It’s generally the cheapest option upfront. But it requires more maintenance and needs to be replaced more often than other flooring types.

Which Types of Flooring Options Will You Choose?

While you’re figuring out the details of your remodel, you’ll probably need to refer to this guide several times. So, make sure you bookmark this page. That way, you can review the pros and cons of these types of flooring options as often as you need to.

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