V-Neck VS Round Neck Shirts: Which one is better?

What’s your go-to t-shirt style? Are you a classic crew neck (round neck) guy, or do you prefer V-necks? 

There’s been a debate in the fashion industry for decades now about which neckline is superior, but is there really a definitive answer? It’s true that one style may suit certain body types or occasions more than the other, however, but is there an overall winner? We investigate.

Crewneck Tees

Crewnecks are the ultimate classics beloved by generations old and young. They have a round neckline going close to the neck and can be oversized, traditional or fitted depending on your preference and occasion. 

A round neck is the ideal casual tee for everything from weekend walks in the park to family barbecue nights. 

However, while this style is generally more casual, it can still work with semi-formal attire if chosen the right fit. 


  • Work for any body type from skinny to overweight. 
  • Create an illusion of broader shoulders – excellent for people with narrow or sloping shoulders.
  • Unpretentious and very easy to style.
  • The neckline balances the proportion of people with longer necks and slim faces. 


  • Not ideal for layering as the collar peaks after unbuttoning the first button.
  • A safe and less fashion-forward choice.
  • Less breathability in hot weather.
  • May be too casual for some occasions.  

V-neck Tees

V-neck tees appeared on the market in the 1960s as an alternative undershirt and have become a stylish and classy choice many guys love for everyday and special occasions. 

V-necks make you look put together without much effort, even if you’re wearing them with simple jeans or shorts! You can check here some affordable options at the Fresh Clean Tees’ website: 

These tees are also great for layering for the summer and winter seasons. The one thing to keep in mind is the V cut. You want it not too deep yet not too shallow, so our suggestion is to go for a 3-4 inch cut. 


  • Showcase and elongate the neck, making your face look slimmer.
  • Perfect for layering with most clothes such as jackets, cardigans etc.
  • Draw attention to your face. 
  • Hugs the figure nicely and show off your hands, chest and shoulders.
  • Make you appear taller. 
  • Make you look put together with minimal effort.
  • Work well with more formal attire like blazers and sports coats.


  • A deeper cut looks tacky and cheap.
  • Expose the chest, so not ideal for guys with a lot of chest hair.
  • A tighter fit may not work on a very skinny or overweight frame and figure.
  • Some people don’t like V-necks, so you may get negative comments. 

The details

Whichever tee you choose, you always want to get the right fit and quality because nothing looks worse than sloppy looking cheap garments! 

An excellent way to make your outfit look more stylish and memorable is to add an accessory or two, depending on the occasion.

For a casual situation, opt for a nice watch or a leather bracelet, and you can be more daring for special events and add an expensive bracelet or a neckerchief.

Lastly, think about your footwear. You may have the best t-shirt out there, but your look won’t work if your shoes are ripped or dirty! 

The conclusion

So what’s better – a V-neck or round neck? The better question would be which one’s better for you! 

It all depends on your style, preference, body type and occasion. 

While crewnecks may win in the polls as the safest choice, V-necks are a fantastic alternative for the days you want to feel more daring and stand out. 

Our suggestion? Get a few of both and alternate! 

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