Two-Way Radio Buying Guide

The University of Minnesota mentions that there are “three basic types” of communication which are verbal, written, and non-verbal. Out of all three communication types, verbal is arguably the most efficient in practical terms such as relaying instructions and information.

As a business, efficient communication is crucial, and that’s where the two-way radio comes in. In a world where mobile technology is huge, two-way radios still have a strong part to play in the professional realm because of their simplicity and effectiveness in passing on clear verbal info at speed!

This short buying guide will let you know what to look out for when you’re buying two-way radios for your business. Read on to get the lowdown!

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What Range Do You Require?

When searching for two-way radios, one of the most important factors you should consider is their range of capabilities. Various frequencies and power levels allow for different range capabilities.

For instance, a radio with a power of 0.5W on the PMR446 frequency can achieve a range of up to around 6 miles, but it’s often much less due to environmental factors. Other radios can have a range of 35 miles!

Nowadays, there are two-way radios for sale that make use of Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP). This means you can use them wherever you can connect to the internet!

How Many Handsets Do You Need?

Twin sets are the most basic type of walkie-talkies for general use. However, if you’re running something like a large construction facility, you’re clearly going to need a lot of radios.

When you buy two-way radios in bulk, you often get big discounts. And the great thing is that the radios you get are likely going to be a one-time purchase, as they are so tough and durable.

Consider Battery Types

If you are going to use your two-way radios the regular, you’re best getting rechargeable ones. However, if you’re working away from power outlets for long periods, you need to have replacements available.

There are radios out there that still use throw-away alkaline-based batteries, but they are becoming less common these days. We recommend you view these Motorola batteries if you require charged-up replacement batteries for your business.

Do You Want VOX Radios?

The best two-way radio type for hands-free work is one that is VOX-enabled. For instance, if you are driving, climbing, or doing any intensive work with your hands, then the VOX feature will come in handy.

Radios can function like this without you needing to press a button because they stay on all the time. It’s only when they pick up your voice that they transmit it to other users.

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Discover Two-Way Radio Benefits for Your Business

Trying to find the best two-way radio type for your business may be daunting at first, but if you focus on some key criteria, it should become easier. We recommend you buy two or three different types you’re interested in as twin sets and test them out before you purchase any in bulk.

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