Accident Prevention Goes Digital: Top Traffic Apps You Need to Know

In 2020, Americans spent around 26 hours in traffic jams, whether it was commuting or zipping around town for errands.

But with the rise of traffic apps, it’s never been easier for drivers to avoid taking congested routes while staying safe. Perhaps you’ve heard about traffic apps, but you’re unsure which ones are the best.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best traffic apps to download today.


One of the best apps to prevent road accidents is DriveMode.

The app silences your phone notifications and calls when you’re driving at 15 miles per hour, so you’re not distracted. It can even send out auto-replies so whoever is contacting you knows you’re driving.

Don’t worry; you can still use GPS and listen to your favorite tunes as you drive. But there are cases when accidents are unpreventable, so learn more about contacting a reputable personal injury lawyer to help you.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular traffic app as it warns you of upcoming jams and suggests a quieter route. Further, Google Maps gives you realistic ETAs and real-time data, so you’re not stuck in traffic.

A bonus is how the app suggests upcoming attractions and the best eateries for a pit stop.

Radarbot Speed Camera Detector

If you’re after the best traffic camera app, then Radarbot Speed Camera Detector is for you. Not only does it help you navigate the roads, but it highlights any speed cameras on poles or at traffic lights.

You can also set a reminder when you’re passing an officer with a radar gun, in a road traffic accident, or traffic jam.


With 130 million monthly active users, Waze offers users real-time traffic information so you can make necessary adjustments.

You can also update the app so that passersby get an alert and avoid the route. Plus, Waze offers voice-guided navigation, so you needn’t worry about monitoring the screen.


Another popular traffic alert app is Sygic. Users can enjoy turn-by-turn directions, alternative routes, and 3D maps.

You can download Sygic for free or pay for premium features like projecting the map onto your windscreen and real-view navigation.


MapQuest has pioneered traffic jam programs since the ‘90s, and they’ve now released an app.

It’s great for viewing turn-by-turn navigation and lets you access your favorite locations and alternative routes depending on live traffic conditions. Users can even access a live traffic camera so they can monitor how many cars are on the upcoming road.

TomTom GPS

One of the best traffic apps is TomTom GPS, as it comes with a range of tools. You can enjoy the app’s lane guidance, access four offline maps, and traffic camera alerts.

But it’s important to note that TomTom GPS offers the first 50 miles for free, then you must pay a small monthly fee.

Apple Maps

Although it’s only compatible with iOS users, Apple Maps is still a useful app.

It tells you the fasted route to your destination, taking into consideration the traffic, time, and your schedule. Plus, Apple Maps gives you a realistic ETA, so you reach your appointments in a timely fashion.

INRIX Traffic

Using crowd-sourced data, INTIX Traffic factors in your habits, calendar, and your favorite routes. The app also alerts you to the current road conditions and traffic, so you find the best route. If you’re interested, INTIX Traffic is compatible with Android and iOS.


LifeSaver uses cloud-based technology and runs silently until you start driving. The app blocks your phone while driving and alerts your loved ones, so they know you’ve arrived safely.

It’s also useful for employers who have a fleet, so they can ensure their drivers haven’t been distracted during the journey.


If you’re worried about sneaky speed cameras, download CamSam today.

This transforms your smartphone into a camera alert system and tracks around 60,000 fixed cameras across the globe. Plus, the app uses visual and sound warnings to suit your preference.

Escort Live

This slick app prioritizes accuracy, whether it’s spotting speed cameras or sharing the most effective route.

It also relies on crowd-sharing technology so that it’s regularly updated with relevant data. Simply use Bluetooth to activate the radar detector, and you’re good to go.

TrueMotion Family

TrueMotion is fantastic if there’s a learner in your household, as it grades each drive. This lets you track your family’s driving skills as it pinpoints which areas to improve on. TrueMotion also records distracted driving so you can see if your teen was texting behind the wheel.

Another useful app for families is

Once you’ve launched the app, it blocks any incoming calls and notifications, so no one’s tempted. If that sounds impossible, you can use hands-free access, which reads out texts and lets you use voice commands to use your phone.


SafeDrive is like no other app as it transforms safe driving into a game. It gives good drivers points for avoiding the phone, which adds up until you reach your final destination.

You can then spend your points on discounted products, so it’s a win-win. Further, you can invite friends to compete against you. This means that the driver with the most points can then get a chunk of the losers as an incentive.

Download the Top Traffic Apps Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a wide range of traffic apps to try.

There is a driving app for everyone, whether it’s tracking your teen’s driving to monitoring the speed cameras on your journey. It’s fantastic because most of these are free, so experiment and find the perfect one to suit your needs. Happy driving!

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