Top Small Business Apps That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Small business apps are handy tools that can easily be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet while facilitating diverse aspects and requirements of your business. With numerous kinds of apps available today, each is designed to perform various functions. Besides being extremely useful, they help to save the time of the respective user(s) on countless tasks so that you can focus on enhancing and growing your business. Furthermore, these apps are ideally meant to increase the operational accuracy and productivity of the team as well

Our top list: Small Business apps that you don’t want to miss!

Following are some of the best small business apps that ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, no matter where you are.

Paste by WeTransfer

The paste is one of the best presentation builders that’s out there. Considered to be an excellent alternative to MS PowerPoint, this app is a collaborative presentation tool that allows you and your team to create professional yet streamlined presentations that can instantly be shared among the team and even with your clients. Although the app has a library of editable templates along with accessible slide options, this presentation tool structures and arranges your images, videos, and even links to create appealing slideshows and pitch decks for your respective audience.

Hence, laying down a visually appealing storyboard, that flows without a glitch, gives a better impression of your proposal. The best part about Paste is that you can integrate it with Slack, which makes it easier for your team to review, share, and comment on each other’s work projects immediately. Just make sure that you are always connected to a seamless service; otherwise, contact your internet provider to rectify your situation.

So whether you want to present your work, create a shareable link for different platforms, or convert and download it as a PDF, you can do all this for free. However, they are multiple premium features, which require a minimal fee if you want to access them. Moreover, you can also integrate it with Paper, which is another app by WeTransfer. The paste is free to use for both iPhone and iPad users.


Are you worried that if you don’t take notes during a business meeting, you might miss something significant? Well, no need to stress out, for now, you can easily take notes with this fantastic transcription app, Otter. This is a real-time transcription app, that’s available for a wide range of users.

So whether you are an iOS user or an Android one or more prone to spending all day in front of the laptop, this app is easy to use. Otter utilizes automatic speech recognition (ASR) to transcribe real conversations, almost accurately. The app can distinguish individual speakers in the text, going as far as adding punctuation to your text.

If you are looking for an app that can create a written record of a significant conference, meeting, or even an interview, then Otter will do the job for you. The app allows you to enjoy your discussion without worrying about note-taking. You can even edit the text in the app after you recorded and transcribed your chat. With Otter, you can even share your transcriptions with business contacts and even link to your Google and Zoom account for optimum business collaboration. Although the basic version of the app is free if you want to access the premium features, then you will have to pay a small fee. The Pro version allows the user to transcribe around 6K audio minutes per month for $8.33 only. Whereas, the Business version allows 6K minutes per user for $20 per month.


Monday is a project management app, which has been around for a while. One of the simplest software, it allows the user to organize all tasks for their team in a neat and systematic order while enhancing communication and task productivity simultaneously. There’s no rocket science involved, all you have to do is simply create a project, add various tasks to your project, add steps to the task, and voila! You are done. What happens next, is that as each task is completed, the status is updated to each employee, who’s a part of that task. This way every team member will know exactly how much is left, how much is completed, and how soon will it take to close the project.

Furthermore, users can also upload and store documents and anything related to the respective project. The best thing about Monday is that it’s available for both smartphone and web users. Moreover, they receive constant notifications, so they never miss anything. There are several pricing models, which are being followed on Monday. For instance, for five users, the app costs about $29 per month. If the number of users increases, for example, goes up to 10 users, then the cost is $59 per month. Besides these, options such as Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans are also available for users.


This is a New Zealand-based enterprise, which allows user to monitor their finances in real-time. Consumers can perform a variety of tasks with the app; they can check sent invoices and if they have been opened, generate expense claims, import/classify bank transactions from the beginning till the present ones, and a lot more. In addition to this, there are countless features that Xero offers while integrating with top payment apps such as PayPal.

Consumers interested in Xero can try the app by taking a free 30-day trial. If they are satisfied, they can select one of the three plans: The Early Plan offers features for $9 per month, followed by the mid-tiered Growing Plan, that’s for $30 per month, and the Established Plan, that’s for a good $60 per month. We recommend that you carefully review each plan and then select one that suits your maximum business needs.


These are just some of the top apps that are highly recommended by businesses all over. Chances are you might have probably used them. Whether you want to check in on things while you are away, these apps ensure that you can get done more than expected. Before downloading any app, always make sure that it’s compatible with your device. Although most apps have a free version and some that don’t, have a trial period, always select a plan that can easily accomplish all the requirements of your corporate venture. An important to note is that these apps would function well if your present service connection is fast and reliable. If that’s not the case, pay a visit to BuyTVInternetPhone and select a service that’s accessible and easily available in your region.

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