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How Promo Video Helps To Grow Your Business On Social Media


Are you looking to bolster your brand presence on social media through a promo video? Boasting 4.59 billion users worldwide, social media is indeed a great place to grow your newfound business. A strong presence on leading social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can give you a clear edge over other brands in the market. Since social media is already flooded with promo videos, you will have to produce unique and high-quality content to stand out from the crowd.

A promo video can not only boost conversions and sales but it can also raise brand awareness. Promo videos can be leveraged for communicating information about newly released brand offerings. Promo videos tend to generate higher levels of engagement compared to text, still pictures, and other traditional marketing materials. Above all, making captivating promo videos is an easy task that does not call for any specialized expertise.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a professional studio to get started with video making. A fast internet connection and laptop are all you need to craft engaging promo videos. But you must put in some effort to understand the requirements of your target audience as doing so will help you create content that is tailored to their needs.

If you are wondering how to make a promo video from scratch, you have come to the right place. Here are the top 6 ways promo videos can supercharge business growth on social media. 

1. Helps establish a human connection

We all know that the competition on social media sites is getting fiercer by the day. This is why brands around the world are lending a human touch to their promos to stand out from the pack. If you want to overpower competition, you must strive to establish a human connection with your audience. A promo video that is enriched with human elements can work miracles for uplifting your company’s presence.

You can easily make your brand the centre of attraction by infusing human elements into your promo content. You can create an engaging series of promo videos where your employees talk about what they do. You can also give your viewers a glimpse into the life of your team at the office. The more you humanize your video, the better will be the response from your audience.

2. Improved brand recognition

No matter what your business does, brand recognition is vital for surviving in the industry. In layman’s terms, brand recognition keeps your brand on top of people’s minds. Promo videos raise brand awareness and shift the entire focus towards your company’s offerings. If you want to create brand recognition amidst a crowded field, you must feature your brand name in all the promo videos you do.

Try including some simple repetitions of your brand name in the promo video. Alternatively, you could equip your promos with catchy and memorable messaging to create a great first impression on viewers. 

3. Increased user engagement 

Few people know that promo videos can increase user engagement to a great extent. Since the competition out there is tough, maintaining engagement levels is imperative for surviving in the market. This is where promo videos can come in handy. If you are thinking about how to make a promo video, you can leverage any of the free tools available online to get the job done quickly.

Focus on creating quality promo content if you really want engagement levels to touch unprecedented highs. Create a compelling introduction and try to hook the attention of viewers in the first few seconds of your promo video. You can deploy an online promo maker to spruce up your content with animated text, images, GIFs, etc.

You can also dig into the free media library of web-based promo makers to enrich your content with relevant background tracks and instrumentals.

4. Makes your brand look more trustworthy

Customers prefer dealing with businesses that are reliable and have a good track record. If you are eager to make your brand more reliable, promos can come to your rescue. Promo videos that showcase testimonials from past customers can make your brand more trustworthy and reliable in the sight of the masses. You can request your existing customers to speak about your products in your promo videos.

5. Search engine optimization

Businesses across the globe have begun realizing the potential of search engine optimization (SEO). One of the biggest advantages of promo content is that it can help your brand rank higher online. A better ranking online can help you outclass competitors in a jiffy. Nevertheless, you must pep up your promo videos with high volume and low-competition keywords to make your content easily discoverable by search engines.

Keep in mind that your choice of keywords will play a pivotal role in determining the success rate of your promo content. Apart from keywords, you should enrich your content with a compelling headline to grab the attention of viewers instantly. 

6. Boosts social media shares

Social media has transformed the way humans communicate and share information. If you are looking to boost social media shares, you must direct your focus on creating top-quality promos. Promo videos that are short and sweet guarantee a higher number of social media shares compared to other forms of content. Since more shares mean better visibility for your content online, your marketing campaign is bound to succeed eventually. Just make sure you create content that is shareable across all leading social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 


Promo videos have taken the internet by storm. Be it kickstarting a new business or bolstering marketing efforts, a promo video can help you thrive amidst the fierce competition. Now that everyone has access to high-speed internet, it is clear why promo-videos are being increasingly watched online. Promos that are crafted with diligence can work wonders for attracting audiences and magnifying social reach.

Moreover, quality is everything when it comes to promotional videos. A good promo video is informative, entertaining, and shareable at the same time. While the production of promo videos does not call for any expensive equipment, a little bit of creativity is needed to get your content noticed. So, make sure you tap into the power of promo video to overcome competition and accelerate business growth on social media in a short time span.

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