Top 5 Questions Should Know Before Starting Reloading Ammunition

Reloading isn’t for everybody. There are many excellent reasons for making your ammunition but there are also some good arguments against it. If you want to start reloading your ammunition, the following article is primarily focused on those that are thinking about starting to reload their ammunition accurately. You will find the biggest considerations you should make before you invest in your reloading setup. 

In this article, we’re going to cover the five considerations that you should make before you start down the path of becoming a reloader.

  1. Why reload?

If you’re looking for better accuracy you think you might enjoy the hobby or you’re a very high volume shooter, those are all fine reasons. Unfortunately, most people’s main reason for getting to reload is to save money. If you shoot an uncommon caliber or a high cost per round caliber and you shoot enough of it, sure you may save some money or at least as far as raw components are concerned. However, don’t think you’re going to solve all your money by becoming a reloader because you’re still going to either have to have factory ammo in stock or the components to make it in stock. You can visit https://www.xxl-reloading.com/Loads/Berger-Load-Data/ for more information about reloading.

  1. Time considerations?

The next question is – is it worth your time? Like many things, time is not free and you can make those reloads they never want to include the amount of time that it takes and the value of that time. If you’re looking at starting reloading as a hobby maybe it’s not a consideration. If you think you’re going to pick up a single-stage press and knocking out your first 100 rounds in an hour you’re probably wrong. If time is at all a limited resource for you just make sure you understand the amount of time that will take to produce. If you find out that you’re only going to save a dollar for every hour that you spend reloading your ammunition it might better be spent somewhere else. But if you enjoy it there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking that time.

  1. Space for equipment?

The more you reload, the more space you’re going to need. If you’re loading large quantities of the pistol on a progressive, you’re going to need a place to store your supplies. If you load multiple calibers, you may need more places to store those supplies. Also,  you need to have a good idea of where you’re going to be able to put it all and how you’re going to keep it organized. Some people have great luck fitting their entire loading setup into a closet but any house you may live in, finding an empty closet wasn’t very easy. It may depend on the space you have available but make sure you have a reasonable amount of space to reload.

  1. How are you with repetitive work?

Many people enjoy making the measurements on their cases, measuring out all the charges, and making them as absolutely perfect as they can. However, some people just aren’t a fan of taking all that time to perform all the tasks. You need to be able to ensure the measurements of your brass are correct, you need to make sure you’re visually inspecting your spent cases for defects to ensure your reloads are safe to reload safely. Some people find this work relaxing and enjoyable. So just make sure you’re aware of the time that it takes and you’re able to give it the attention that it needs to be able to be done safely.

  1. Do you like gadgets/tools?

For everything in reloading, there are four tools that you can get to measure every dimension on your case and more. Measuring your powder more carefully, seat your primers faster, and get your case prep done quicker. You can certainly get lost in the equipment when it comes to reloading. It doesn’t mean you have to buy all these tools, they’re not required but when you’re convincing yourself exactly how much money you’re going to save make sure you’re going to be happy with your equipment. You don’t want to buy the cheapest kit that you can and end up replacing the whole thing. This may sound crazy but it’s impossible just to go buy a reloading kit from whatever manufacturer you decide to choose and have all the equipment you need to get started.


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