Top 10 Common Mistakes Frontend Developers Make

Interface development specialists provide a symbiosis of functionality and design, they create “comfortable” navigation in every sense of the word. The task is not just to create a visually pleasing interface, but also to make it simple, understandable, easy to use and work as efficiently as possible. But both beginners and experienced professionals often make mistakes when working on the interface. There is nothing to worry about, rather, it will be necessary to take care of ordering front end development services made by qualified programmers who are familiar with all issues and know exactly how to protect a business project from unwanted errors.

What should be taken into account?

Below are the 10 most common faults:

  1. Mistake No.1: Overloading with details. Excessive attention to detail may make the interface more stylish and attractive, but it will lose out to a simple and functional one. This approach can make the application look strange and visually overloaded, meaningless and overly complicated. Another problem may arise, for example, due to the fact that XD or Zeplin read the design differently than the browser. It is important to pay attention to these seemingly small things and discuss each of them with the designer.
  2. Mistake No.2: Avoiding responsive design. Most users access apps and websites from their mobile devices. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to prepare an adaptive design, and pay special attention to the interface for smartphones, since this particular version of web development will be the main one. If you leave responsiveness to the last step, you may need to make a lot of corrections.
  3. Mistake No.3: cross-browser compatibility. You need to devote a little more time to this nuance since it is important to test the product in different browsers with different screen resolutions. This will ensure compatibility and avoid operational problems associated with navigation. A completely excellent solution would be to use ready-made tools, for example, Browser Stack or Cross Browser Testing.
  4. Mistake No.4: HTML syntax mismatch. If you are using legacy versions of HTML or XHTML that have a simplified syntax, you may experience problems. To avoid them, the best solution is to take the time to learn new syntax or use self-closing tags intermittently.
  5. Mistake No.5: semantic flaws. Modern developers need to know the nuances associated with HTML 5, which already has quite a few new semantic elements that differ between the new and the old versions. Thanks to these components, you can improve the structure of web pages and increase indexing, but it is important not to neglect semantics. To avoid errors, you should use a code editor or validators.
  6. Mistake No.6: Inattentive input validation. Failure to validate input may result in incorrect data being stored in the database. It is necessary to double-check the data and the correctness of their entry as carefully as possible. This will also prevent security issues.
  7. Mistake No.7: Ignoring SEO principles. Ideally, SEO should be done by a specialist who knows all the subtleties and nuances. Without knowledge of the specifics of SEO and modern optimization techniques, it is impossible to create a website or application that will work to the maximum and, of course, efficiently. It is impossible to ignore the principles of SEO, it is important to declare each image so that there are no problems when searching.
  8. Mistake No.8: Not optimizing images. It is important to optimize images without sacrificing quality. You do not need to compress absolutely all the pictures for the application to work well. You can simplify the optimization process with the help of special tools that are absolutely free.
  9. Mistake No.9: jQuery. So, jQuery is already outdated technology, now there are simpler and more innovative tool options for integrating animated elements. In new projects, designers began to abandon the outdated jQuery and its libraries.
  10. Mistake No.10: Everything in one file. You shouldn’t put all your data in one HTML file. When testing, it will already be possible to identify any problems that will be the result of such a step. Therefore, it is really crucial to pay attention to this moment. This practice has not been used for a long time, as it leads to numerous difficulties and the need to correct everything at the testing stage.

By examining the typical mistakes of developers, you can significantly simplify your work process, as well as speed up the achievement of the desired result. Working on mistakes will help you become better and take you to a new professional level. Well, if you need to create a project from scratch, then the right decision is to turn to the experts of the company, who have already gone through all the “circles of hell” and clearly understand how to perform services without errors.

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