Tips for Planning a Road Trip with an Electric Car

Electric cars are more popular than they ever have been. In 2021, in the midst of a pandemic-blighted auto-market, the electric vehicles were the only ones that managed to actually increase sales – with hybrid electric cars now representing one in six new cars sold, and battery-powered ones representing one in nine.

One of the biggest obstacles to widespread electric-car adoption is range anxiety. Since the infrastructure for rapid, convenient charging isn’t quite there yet, we all have to do a little more planning if we want to go on a long trip with our electric vehicles.

Fortunately, this groundwork is less taxing than it ever has been, especially if you follow the handy tips we’re about to go through.

Research your charging stations

Before you set off, it’s worth knowing exactly where all the charging stations are along the way. Make sure that you have plenty of alternative charging points lined up at every given place. You don’t want to get there and find that the charging facilities are out of action.

Bring your adaptors and extension cords

If you have adaptors and extension cords ready, then make sure that you’ve packed them in the boot of your car. It’s during long road trips like this that they’ll come in especially handy.

Choose Restaurants with Charging Points

Charging an electric car can be time-consuming. Even if you’re using the fastest available charging technology, you can expect to be waiting for half an hour. For most electric vehicles, the wait is much longer.

Ideally, you’d top up just a little bit every time you parked the car. If you’re going to be out of the car for an hour or two, as you might be at a restaurant, it’s worth plugging in while you dine. Look in advance at where the charging stations are and plan your rest breaks accordingly.

Check your tyre pressures

The wrong tyre pressure reduces the amount of grip that your vehicle has on the road, and thereby reduce the effective range of your vehicle on a given charge. You’ll also see a host of other side effects, like increased wear, longer braking distances, and an increased risk of a puncture. Which is all a way of saying: make sure that your tyres are properly inflated before you set out.

Travel in Summer

Cold weather can actually reduce the effectiveness of a lithium-ion battery, by slowing the chemistry that actually makes the battery work. Depending on just how cold the battery is, you might see a reduction in performance of as much as 20%. 

With a little bit of groundwork, you can make your trip in an electric car without worrying about ever running out of juice – no matter how far you’re travelling.

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