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The Ultimate Guide on How to Build a Brand on Instagram

Want to get the most out of Instagram every time you log on for business purposes? You’ve come to the right place because we have the guide you need to help you build a brand the right way.

Whether you’re looking to promote the products and services provided by your company or educate your followers, you have to focus on brand building before anything else. When you build your brand the right way, you can ensure the future success of your company across various social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Let’s jump into how to create your personal brand and the way to make it work for social media marketing.

Create and Set Brand Objectives

Before you use any form of social media marketing, you need to set the goals you want the brand to achieve via social media. When setting these goals, ensure they are as specific as possible.

They need to be specific to ensure your goals are measurable. They need to be measurable to ensure you’re able to gather data that shows the strategies you’ve been using are working towards achieving the goals you’ve set.

If you’re unsure of how to set your objectives, you need to do some research to determine the needs and wants of your ideal followers. With this insight, you can move forward with determining goals based on these customer insights.

If you don’t know what your followers need and want, your future marketing efforts will not help you achieve the brand success you’re looking to achieve. Some questions you should ask that will make it easier to create a list of goals includes:

  • What type of consumer are you trying to attract?
  • What are the services and products offered by your company?
  • How often should your brand post on Instagram?
  • How many impressions does each post receive from your followers?

Don’t rush through answering these questions because you will use the answers as a guide to creating your company objectives.

Carefully Craft Your Brand Profile

Social media branding starts with creating an engaging business profile and attracting people to your profile. After defining your goals, use them to help set up your profile.

The first step is to decide on the brand name you’re going to use as the username on your profile. It’s essential to keep your brand name short and catchy so that when people see it, the name is something they’ll remember.

After determining the name of the brand, think about the colors you’ll want to use to create the logo. The logo colors should be used throughout the Instagram profile to ensure your page follows a specific aesthetic.

Another reason to be consistent in the colors and style of posts you create is that it will help your page look professional to everyone who comes across it—the more engaging your profile, the higher follower engagement and retention chances.

People want to see profiles that are engaging and don’t come off as only promoting the products and services you offer. If your page is viewed as a running sales ad, you’re not going to retain the same amount of followers that you’d like to.

Use the Business Account Only Option

As you continue to build your brand on Instagram, you need to ensure you’re only using the business account provided by Instagram. It’s crucial that you’re using a business account because personal accounts don’t offer the same amount of features that you’ll find under the business account page.

For example, when using the business form of the Instagram account, you have access to what’s known as Instagram insights. These insights will give you an overview of your account and provide you with information about the number of accounts you’re reaching.

The data will also fill you in on how many interactions the content you post receives. Keep in mind that the data you’ll have access to review is only available for around seven to thirty days.

Having an understanding of this data and a few other insights will help you determine if the social media marketing strategy you’re using is working. You can also redefine your strategy to ensure that your brand is easily discoverable by others.

It also helps you expand your brand reach. The more people you reach with your brand, the better your bottom line will be.

Increase Likes, Increase Brand Visibility

Another common thing brands focus on when building their brand on Instagram is brand visibility. As mentioned above, when your brand is visible to others, it means you’re doing the right thing in terms of social media marketing.

The more people that see your brand, the better off you’ll be. On Instagram, there’s a page known as the Explore page. You’ll find tons of Instagram stories and posts on the Explore page by the most influential people and brands.

Most people that find new profiles to follow will find them on the Explore page. The way to get on the Explore page is to have a certain number of likes that propel your posts to the top of the heap in your industry and on Instagram.

If you’re starting out fresh and building your brand from the bottom up, then chances are you’re not going to have a large following. Without a large following, you’re not going to be able to gain the number of likes you need to make it to the explore page, which is when you need to look into and learn more from

This website will provide you with the information you need about buying likes to help your profile gain the visibility you need.

Stick to a Theme

We understand that when you see other profiles within the same industry, it’s easy to want to switch and begin mirroring that theme. However, this will make your page appear to be chaotic and unorganized.

Decide on the type of brand you want to have and embody on social media platforms. Decide on the theme you want to show on your profile and stick to it.

The only time switching brand themes makes sense is if you’re in a period of growth or want to retarget another group of consumers. By reworking the theme of your page, you can ensure your page is inclusive and will meet the needs of all your followers aesthetically.

For example, the theme you use on the page could mean the specific colors you’re using or the layout you’re using on the page. When you select a theme and stick to it, your page will be more memorable.

When followers can easily identify you from your competitors, it increases your brand’s reputation amongst the community, and it makes it easier for followers to engage with your posts. Building a brand on Instagram is all about increasing engagement.

The more engagement your posts receive, the better your visibility and the stronger your brand reputation will be.

Hashtags Matter Too

The hashtags you use should be on the brand at all times. Are you a cosmetics brand specializing in providing skincare products for your customers? If so, the type of hashtags you use should reflect this.

For example, some of the hashtags you might use include:

  • #organicskincare
  • #allnaturalskincare
  • #skincare4you
  • #yourbrandname
  • #organiclipbalm

These are just a few examples, but hashtagging your posts correctly, it will ensure your posts show on the hashtag page under results when people using Instagram search for a certain hashtag. Hashtags ensure you cannot only be seen by people local to your area but also globally.

Hashtags can be used as a part of your marketing campaigns as well. Successful business brands use advertising campaigns in many ways, including hosting Instagram giveaways or prompting followers to create user-generated content.

User-generated content is when your followers use a specific hashtag to tag their photos showing them using your products. Giveaway contests are beneficial for building your brand because one of the giveaway requirements would be to require followers to follow your page and reshare or like one of your posts.

Build a Brand on Instagram

Were you looking for a guide that details how to build a brand on Instagram? If so, everything you were looking for to help you create a brand can be found above.

Determine the objectives you want to achieve, and don’t forget to look into buying likes that will help your business page be discoverable on the Explore page. Do you want more information about building your brand or other related posts?

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