The Ten Best Family Vacation Destinations in 2023

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Have you ever walked into a restaurant with your sticky-faced crew, glanced at the white tablecloths, open flames, and glassware, then turned and walked out? That’s easy to do at a restaurant.

It’s much harder to do when you’ve jumped on a plane after accidentally booking a less-than-kid-friendly vacation.

The key to getting your family trip right is planning a family-friendly adventure from the start. You can only afford to get away once a year. How do you know that your journey is appropriate for all ages?

We’ve created this guide to the best family vacation destinations to give you a place to start. Below, you’ll find ten tried-and-true kid-approved summer vacation destinations that mom and dad will love, too.

Read on to start planning your next big adventure!

1. Anaheim, CA

Disneyland sits at the center of a teeming tourist town full of kid-friendly attractions. An Anaheim resort vacation includes engaging childcare services, so mom and dad can enjoy some alone time while the kids have a private adventure. DVC resale means many families can enjoy the all-inclusive experience for a steal!

2. Orlando, FL

If you’re looking for an east coast adventure, try Orlando (and Disneyland) instead. Orlando is a theme park mecca. Spend half your trip in the parks and the other half on a family beach vacation of the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico.

3. Las Vegas, NV

Everything that makes Sin City fun for adults makes it convenient with little ones in tow. It’s walkable, full of attractions and restaurants, and there’s no shortage of places to splash and swim.

4. Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is home to the largest children’s museum anywhere on earth. It’s the perfect day trip if you have a little person obsessed with dinosaurs, space, or the ancient world.

5. Boston, MA

Jump on a duck boat and visit the iconic “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture at the Boston Common! This city is full of family-friendly ways to engage with American history. If you’re interested in a vacation resort, consider The Cape Codder, which has an indoor water park!

6. Kauai, HI

For a tropical trip, consider heading to the island of Kauai. This paradise is the most laid-back of the Hawaiian islands, perfect for a kid-paced jungle adventure.

7. New York, NY

If your kids are old enough to do some walking, NYC is a hub of family-friendly arts and culture. Bring the little ones to their first Broadway show, visit one of 145 museums, or eat your way across the Big Apple.

8. Pittsburgh, PA

Sports fans love bringing their family to Pittsburgh, an unpretentious but stunning East Coast destination. Check out the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum or one of the city’s world-class athletic venues.

9. Portland, ME

Maine has the nickname “Vacationland” for a reason! Portland is walkable, right on the water, and full of laid-back attractions, from lobster boat-watching to arcades.

10. Outer Banks, NC

If you’re interested in a camping trip, it doesn’t get any more family-friendly than the Outer Banks. It’s a national seashore, so you can combine your camping trip with a beach vacation!

The Best Family Vacation Destinations This Year

Kids might not remember what they had to eat for breakfast, but family trips are novel, emotional experiences that often become core memories. When you visit any of the best family vacation destinations on our list, you’ll be building a foundation that lasts a lifetime. Plus, you might get a little rest from the deal yourself!

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