The Rewarding Benefits of Joining an Honor Society in College

Did you know that there have been 17 different Presidents of the United States of America that were members of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society? Joining an honor society is one of the best ways to get scholarships and grants. They will allow you to enjoy college living without taking on crippling debt.

You’ll get funding for going to college while also gaining a ton of valuable college tips that will aid you in your future as a college student. Best of all, you can earn all of this by going to school, getting good grades, and being active in your community.

Those benefits don’t have to end once you leave to go to college. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn about the benefits of joining an honor society in college. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Scholarships and Grants

One of the biggest reasons why students get college advice about joining an honor society is the scholarships and grants. Going to college has never been more expensive in the United States. Joining an honor society will take a nice chunk off of your tuition costs and limit the number of student loans that you’ll take out.

Joining honor societies will help you gain access to opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Here is a closer look at honor society explained so you know all about the benefits that you’ll enjoy. You’ll be one step closer to making your dreams and goals a reality thanks to college living with an honor society.

Jobs and Internships

You’ll also gain access to great job opportunities and internships if you choose to become a college student in an honor society. The many honor societies that you could join will have connections and relationships with a number of different businesses and industries.

If you’re trying to set yourself up for a lucrative career in an industry that is difficult to get started in then joining an honor society is a great way to go. You will have your internship experience to lean on. You’ll also have friends and classmates that will be there to give you college advice.

Needless to say, you’ll be setting yourself up for an exciting future. You can thank your internship experience and your membership in an honor society.

Leadership Opportunities

One of the biggest things that employers look for in job candidates these days is someone that has leadership potential. You’ll find yourself in opportunities to test your skills. You’ll hone your ability to communicate while working with different personality types. These are wonderful chances to grow and add an additional skill to your skillset for future employers to value.

You’ll gain access to valuable opportunities like webinars with professionals in your industry. You’ll also meet former members of your honor society. There are also summit events that you can attend which provides a wonderful place to start networking. You’ll meet fellow members from other schools as well as professionals that were part of your honor society.

Academic Opportunities

There are also plenty of great academic opportunities that come with joining an honor society as a college student. You’ll gain a support system that is there to help you grow and find success when earning your degree and experiencing college living.

This is also your chance to apply for scholarships for graduate school and other advanced educational opportunities. These honor societies will give you a unique experience as a college student that will continue to provide value later in life. Perhaps you’ll even get the chance to study abroad at a distinguished international university.


One of the great things about networking is that you never know who you’ll meet. That is even more true when you belong to a national honor society as a college student. You’ll get to attend events that are filled with some of the most successful individuals in the industry and form relationships with them.

Networking also allows you to rub shoulders with people that had similar dreams and aspirations as you do and have managed to make them come true. It is an invaluable chance for you to pick their brains and learn about the things that they did to get to where they are in life.

These successful professionals can provide valuable college advice. They’ll be the connection that you need to get started on your journey at your dream job.

Be Around Likeminded Individuals

Another great benefit of combining college living with becoming part of a national honor society is the chance to spend time and grow friendships with like-minded individuals. These people might be majoring in a different degree and have different goals than you do but odds are that they share a similar vision of the world and society.

Honor societies give you a forum where you can share your ideas and dreams with other ambitious college students at your university. You’re not only joining an honor society, but you’re also becoming part of a tight-knit community within your university.

Lasting Friendships

Through all of the networking and time spent together, you’re bound to create lasting friendships as a college student when you belong to an honor society. The people that you meet during your time in college could become your closest friends for the remainder of your life.

Think of your honor society as similar to joining a college sports team. You’ll create a strong bond with these individuals that will stand the test of time. Many people that join an honor society while going to college end up making friends that last a lifetime.

Combine College Living With an Honor Society

One of the best parts of college living and being a college student is the opportunity to join numerous clubs and honor societies. Choosing to join an honor society is a great move because you’ll gain lifelong friends and build a network that will help you achieve your goals. It is also a great place to get college advice and gain access to valuable scholarships.

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