The Essential Betting Playbook: NFL Betting Strategies for Beginners

Did you know half of all Americans bet on the last Super Bowl? Americans love football, and as legalized sports betting proliferates, more Americans are betting on it.

With the upcoming season on the horizon, maybe you’re ready to take the leap and start betting NFL games. While gambling is an easy way to make the Sunday matchups more exciting, winning isn’t easy.

Do you want to learn how to make a profit wagering on America’s favorite sport? Check out this guide for the best NFL betting strategies.

Start Small

The NFL isn’t only America’s most popular sport, but there’s a whole media empire built around the game. Given the amount of air time 24-hour sports networks must fill, each team receives a high level of scrutiny. You might think that makes gambling easier, and it can.

Television and the internet provide as much information as a gambler could need to handicap games. Gamblers of all strips are privy to that information, and the raw data gets clouded by the knee-jerk reactions of cable television talking heads and other opinion-makers. Much of the NFL coverage you see is narrative-driven.

Some of the best NFL betting advice any novice can receive is to start small. Don’t bet on the entire league, but keep your focus on a specific division or conference. This way, you’re better able to wade through the deluge of news and organize your research.

Stay Away From Parlays

Parlays are multiple bets combined into one. When you combine bets into a parlay, you increase your possible payout. The payout increases because to hit, you must win each leg.

The odds of hitting a five-leg parlay are very slim, and the sportsbooks know it. That’s why they’re willing to pay so much money if you hit. The sportsbooks also know parlays are attractive to beginning gamblers looking for a big win.

Though experienced gamblers can make money on a parlay, they often don’t play them because they’re so hard to win. If the sharps steer clear, so should you. Parlays are suckers bets designed to entice squares who believe they are the most intelligent football fan in the room.

Any NFL betting for beginners should involve single bets, preferably spreads and totals, until you develop your handicapping skills. Even when you sharpen your tools, be wary of these bets.

Chasing is For Chumps

Nobody likes to lose money, but losing money is part of the game. Sports betting is a hard way to earn a living or a side hustle. Don’t expect to make bank when you start laying action.

You can know that, but feel the sting of a few bad beats during the 1 PM slate. Nothing’s more painful than a back door cover or a loss because of a missed extra point. Too many novice gamblers fall into the trap of thinking they can make their money back on the later games.

Industry experts call this betting “chasing,” and it causes gamblers to lose more money. Chasing is desperation betting in hopes to win back what you lost and forces you to make wild bets you otherwise wouldn’t.

The temptation to chase will always exist, especially with how easy it is to place bets on gambling apps. To avoid the temptation, set a weekly budget for betting games. If you lose that money, stop.

Bet Without Emotion

Sports fandom is emotional. Rooting for your favorite team is likely something you’ve done since you were a child. Being a fan of a specific squad is about so much more than watching a game.

This fandom is a connection to your friends and family. It’s about camaraderie, passion, and hometown pride. You’re likely interested in NFL betting tips because you’re a fan of the game, and you have a favorite team.

Never bet on your favorite team. The emotions will cloud your judgment. All sports betting should happen with the emotion-free clarity you’d use to pick stocks on the market and remember that NFL favorites deserve scrutiny.

Spread Your Action

Betting lines aren’t monoliths. Though sportsbook lines will often look similar, they will not always be the same. Many times the difference between a winning and losing bet is half a point.

The lines at all sportsbooks move based on how much money comes in on either side of the bet. Though it’s best not to confuse yourself when starting, accessing multiple books to shop for the best number is what all experienced gamblers do.

If you live in a state with legalized online gambling, using multiple sportsbooks is as easy as downloading an app.

Don’t Fear the Prop Market

NFL player props are an increasingly popular market for gamblers, and the market tends to be softer than point spreads or totals. Playing the props also allows you to narrow your focus down to individual players and their performance.

Though football is a team sport, you can use your fantasy football acumen here to build your bankroll. Betting on touchdown passes and other player props with your fantasy league knowledge can help you wade into the betting markets.

If you’re betting the prop market, it’s crucial to view the schedule through the lens of individual matchups. Click for more information about the upcoming season’s NFL schedule.

NFL Betting Strategies Help You Win

Football season will start soon enough, and what could be better than learning how to make money with it?

Far too many people start betting with money signs dancing in their heads, but sports betting presents a unique challenge for any sports fan. Before the season begins, get a leg up with these NFL betting strategies. They’ll help you train your eye and keep your money-losing tendencies in check.

Remember, most of all, to have fun!

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