The Best Video Games For Animal Lovers

Some of us just can’t get enough of our furry, feathery, generally four-legged friends, it’s a fact of life. We’re only happy if we’re tickling a kitten’s chin, ruffling a chicken’s feathers, or on the back of a horse. Well, perhaps that isn’t strictly true, most of us will settle for a great video game that will allow us to indulge in our love of animals. If you’ve exhausted your collection and fancy trying something new and different then we’ve collated a list of games from a broad range of genres that should satisfy any gamer.

Planet Zoo

The first on the list is a big hitter, as it encompasses an enormous number of animals. Planet Zoo is the natural follow on from the enormously popular Zoo Tycoon series. It allows you to become the planner of your own dream zoo in Sandbox mode, clean up existing zoos in Scenario Mode, or make a zoo with a realistic economy and testing challenges in Challenge Mode. The graphics are on a whole new level to Zoo Tycoon, with hyper-realistic animals, incredibly cute babies and landscaping and foliage options that look almost too real. As well as being a great way to get up close to lots of cute animals, this game has a strong focus on conservation, with options to power your zoo renewable and educate your guests on topics as diverse as deforestation and land poaching. If you’re mad about wild animals then you won’t find a game much more suitable than this one.

Big Blue Bounty

Some of us have interests beyond just animals and if you’re one of those who like casino games too then it can sometimes feel like your two interests rarely meet. The good news is that we’ve found a game that very neatly combines the two. Big Blue Bounty is a brilliant slot game with a wonderful underwater theme, easy to find in the extensive catalogue of games on PokerStars Casino. The game stands out from other slot games for its stunning artwork. The creators, The Stars Group, have clearly taken a different route with the deep sea animations. Expect pufferfish, clams with hidden pearls and if you’re lucky, the game’s namesake, the blue whale which brings with it a generous bonus.


Although this game is now a decade old, we can’t believe it either, it still stands up to some of the best brand new video games out there. The huge open world format will take the average gamer weeks or even months to properly explore and the gameplay is challenging enough to keep this game interesting and relevant for years. In terms of the animals you’re likely to find, you’re going to be looking at some mystical ones. Dragons are the main feature of this game and though you’ll ultimately be battling them, they’re still magnificent creatures to simply watch. They’re totally enormous, absolutely terrifying and strangely beautiful.

You’ll be captivated by each and every variety that the game has to offer. For those who prefer their animals a little more cuddly, you’ll also meet the odd dog or cat, as well as birds, rabbits and deer.

Stardew Valley

Do you like your animals the most when they’re making you loads of money? Then you’re going to love Stardew Valley. This game sets you up with your own little homestead in a landscape that you choose. Whether you’re in the depths of the forest, surrounded by little pools, or even on the beach, you can adopt farm animals and harvest goods from them. Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks are the most common animals you’ll find and each species are adorable in their own way. The artistic style is very simplistic, but this only lends to the cuteness. Plus, you get to adopt a dog or cat right at the beginning. You won’t be getting any milk or eggs from them, but it’s cute to see the love heart icon appear when you pet them.

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