The Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix Right Now

Don’t you just wish to watch a sweet romantic comedy sometimes with a glass of wine in your hand and being tucked in the bed?

Well, we do.

That’s why we often make up the best romantic comedy movies list so that the next time we have a tough day; we can come back home to something relaxing and just chill.

Talking about Romantic Comedies, Netflix is the home to them. But, if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can download them from RARBG and start watching.

So, let’s start with the list.

1: The Kissing Booth

Elle and Lee are childhood best friends who have some rules that have kept their friendship long and strong for all these years.

But, Lee’s brother, Noah, is the hottie of their school, and every girl, including Elle, has a crush on him.

When Elle’s crush is reciprocated by Noah, the duo seem to enjoy their budding romance a lot, but they hide the whole thing from Lee.

As Lee discovers the secret, drama, and heartbreak follow only to help, Elle realizes how much she loves Noah. 

2: Tall Girl

Jodi is the tallest girl in high school, and she can’t find any boy to date who is taller than her.

Her best friend, Dunkleman, is always chasing her and encouraging her to date him because there’s nobody in the school who is taller than her.

Then enters Stig Mohlin, a hot foreign exchange student whom Jodi instantly makes a connection with.

But, she soon realizes that her prince charming was always in front of her, and she overcomes her insecurities and dilemmas to get back to Dunkleman finally. 

3: The Perfect Date

Brooks Rattigan is a high-school student who is determined to go to Yale.

One day, he finds an incredible idea to launch an app where women can hire him to be their plus-one at any social event when they can’t find a date.

He accompanies Laura Marano at her high-school prom, but things take a different turn when Laura questions him about his principles and ideologies.

Their instant chemistry and friendship turn into something more, and his plan of getting into Yale suffers. 

What happens next?

Watch the movie and find out. 

4: Love Hard

Natalie Bauer is a writer based in L.A. 

She has had tough luck in dating so far, and she writes all about them on her website. But, she soon finds her perfect match on a dating app and lands on East Coast, 3000 miles away.

Natalie plans to surprise him for Christmas until she discovers that she has been catfished again.

However, Josh, the guy who catfished her, is actually her prince charming, and the duo soon realize their feelings for one another and end up together. 

5: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean is lovesick, and she has written five love letters for her 5 crushes so far and keeps them safely in a box.

One morning, she goes to school and discovers that someone has posted her love letters, and one of them ends up getting in the hand of Peter Kavinsky, who has just broken up with Jane.

To make Jane jealous, Peter and LJ decide to be a fake couple until they start to have real feelings for each other.

The story is great, the romance is brimming, and the humour is on-point—watch the movie to know more.

6: Crazy Stupid Love

Cal and Emily are the perfect couple with a good house, good job, beautiful children, etc.

However, Cal soon discovers that his school sweetheart, Emily, has been cheating on him, and his world turns upside down.

He regularly visits a bar where he complains to strangers about his wife’s affair with David Lindhagen when his guardian angel enters.

Enter: Jacob Palmer.

He vows to make Cal a charismatic man whom no woman can resist, but their lives change soon when Cal’s daughter, Hannah, falls in love with Jacob. 

7: Love And Other Drugs

Jamie Randall is a handsome pharmaceutical salesman who always has lady luck on his side when it comes to scoring with a woman.

He meets Maggie Murdock, a Parkinson’s patient, which leads to a sexual relationship.

However, things soon take a different turn, and they question each other if they should be involved in a serious relationship.

This movie is the perfect balance between witty humour and soul-crushing romance!

Watch And Relax!

These are the best choices of romantic comedies on our list, and if you start watching them, you’ll know what we are talking about.

So, download them now, and start watching.

If you want to know more about them, ping us in the comment section below. 


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