Some Clever Ways Of Making Money With Cryptos

Making money with cryptos is not rocket science. Knowing the right terminologies that help you gain knowledge about the market and also keeping yourself updated with the latest market trends help a lot.

Investors and traders observe the market with a close eye to know what gap they can fill and how they can excel in the market. 

To trade cryptos like bitcoin via a CFD broker is not a hassle either. Technological advancements have made so many things easier for us and to use them to their fullest potential is a blessing in itself. 

Moving ahead, making money with cryptos is beneficial and conducive to success as well. Let’s have a look at some clever ways you can use and earn good money with cryptocurrencies. 

Borrowing or Lending Works

You can make more money from the investments you make. Just start lending cryptos. This included the collaboration of lenders, borrowers, and them agreeing at a certain point. 

There are crypto exchanges like SALT Lending, Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi, and Oasis that can assist you in crypto lending.

Crypto loans have some contracts where borrowers vow the holdings as collateral. On the other hand, the lender accepts all the terms and in return, offers other cryptos or cash. Borrowers also agree on paying a certain interest to the lender. 

Buy, Hold, and Deal Traditionally

Dealing with something digital traditionally? You must be thinking “what irony?” 

People who want to make money solely from crypto investments are calculated risk-takers. 

This involves getting any crypto asset you want from a cryptocurrency exchange and then buying more of them once the price falls. This procedure is known as “buying the dip”. This is where ‘traditional’ steps in. 

Then, once a few years or months pass, you can sell that asset at a substantial profit, in contrast to the price of the crypto purchased back then.

Trade Cryptos 

Investing anywhere is not a one-day job. It is something you have to commit long-term too. When we talk about cryptos, the strategy of buy and hold takes place. Where you want to capitalize on cryptos for the short run, trading is a good place to start.

Since the market of cryptocurrencies is highly unpredictable, the value of digital assets fluctuates almost all the time. 

What you need is a good strategy and technical skills that will help you grow as a trader. Analyzing the market performance of every digital asset and then taking a decision involves a correct prediction. Will the price of the crypto fall? Or is it expected to rise in the coming months?


There are so many ways with which you can get cryptos for free. Airdrops, however, are the riskiest of them all. Developers go for this strategy when they wish to assist new cryptos. 

If you want to learn about the progress of this project, always resort to the internet for this reliability. Moreover, you can also watch them being promoted on the website of the company, social media platforms, as well as cryptocurrency news platforms.

Mining Cryptos

To mine, cryptos are an extremely crucial part and an old way to make money. In this process, you confirm transactions and secure a Proof of Work network (PoW).

Miners get new coins so they can work on these functions in the shape of a block reward. Mining was easy to do back then when bitcoin was newly launched. As of now, you need proper mining hardware to carry on your work process.

Enlarge Your Portfolio And Plan Smartly 

If you want to be 100% sure, then you should have a solid plan apart from thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies. This means that you should plan time after your retirement and rethink your emergency savings. 

Once your financial plan is ready, think about how you can fit cryptocurrency into it and keep earning income with that investment. If the plan is not ready yet to be implemented, you are most certainly wasting your precious time. 

This is one of the many reasons why investors want cryptocurrencies to be a part of their portfolio, something that sustains them for at least a few years to come. Since cryptos are highly volatile, financial experts say that it’s better to leave this job to ingenious and tech-savvy investors. 

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