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Sliding Door Pet Door Insert: Why It’s a Good Idea

One survey found that the average full-time worker spends about 8.5 hours at their job. However, this doesn’t account for commutes or employees with 10- or 12-hour shifts. That’s a lot of time for a pet to spend alone.

Did you know that a sliding door pet door inserts may be able to help?

In this article, we discuss how dog doors can improve the quality of life for both you and your pet. We also cover some common concerns of pet owners. Read on to give you and your pet some much-needed stress relief.

Common Concerns About Pet Doors

While investing in a doggy door comes with plenty of benefits, some pet owners are hesitant to make the switch. Before diving into the benefits of pet doors and pet door inserts, let’s discuss some of these concerns.

Reduced Security

Some pet owners feel as though installing dog doors means compromising home security. Fortunately, the best pet door brands address this issue.

Most dog doors have a locking feature, and some of the most high-end options only open when your dog is near. These use a microchipped dog tag to identify your dog to prevent unwanted house guests.

Home Damage

Homeowners are often reluctant to cut a hole in their door or are renting and don’t have the option. If you don’t want to permanently alter your door, you can invest in a sliding door pet door insert.

What Is a Sliding Door Pet Door Insert?

A sliding door pet door insert is a temporary addition to your sliding door. It sits in the track of your sliding door and provides a seal around the opening. This keeps heat/cool air in while also letting your dog come and go.

Benefits of Pet Doors

Once you choose and install the right dog door for your home, you’ll immediately start enjoying the benefits that come with it. The benefits of a pet door aren’t just for your dog or cat, they also apply to you.

More Freedom

The most obvious benefit of a sliding door pet door insert is more freedom for your pet. They get to come and go without having to wait for you to open the door. This can reduce the number of potty accidents in the home.

Less Stress

Pets get stressed when you’re away, especially if they have to go potty and don’t have a way to relieve themselves. They can get anxious and bored, which can result in unwanted behaviors.

Installing a doggy door can keep your dog entertained and reduce stress. It can also relieve some of your stress if you have to be out for long periods. You won’t have to worry about whether your dog is bored or needs to potty.

Improved Health

Dogs that stay inside all day are at a higher risk of weight-related problems than dogs that get regular exercise. Pet doors can help keep your dog healthy by allowing them to run in the yard when they want.

Start Enjoying Pet Door Benefits

Start enjoying the above benefits by investing in a sliding door pet door insert. These help keep your home secure. They’re non-destructive, and they give your pet some much-needed stimulation throughout the day.

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