Shapop, a Hong Kong-based independent artist and producer, will release “The End” as his second EP song on 30 Nov, which will be included on his upcoming EP, She Got Me Fucked Up. He composed music and collaborated with Taiwanese musicians MxxdlifE (IG@mis4nthrxp3boi) and Lexuan (IG@lexuan__) from October to November. They are an established and dependable male rapper and a female vocalist. After releasing his debut single, She got me fucked up, in September, Shapop continued working on his second song. The song “The End” is a must-hear for fans.

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Shapop’s full breadth of ability is on display on “The End,” with the track flawlessly demonstrating his producer versatility. “The End” is a genre-bending mashup of jazz, slow rock, and hip hop. This song makes use of the Roland Juno synthesizer to create an 80’s vibe. Aesthetically pleasing melodies and a captivating vocal performance transport us back to the 1980s.

Shapop elaborates on the release, stating, “The song is about a girl who grumbles about everything the boys say to her.” In some way, the males have irritated her, to the point where she feels insulted. Finally, she brings up the subject of calling it quits. In verse 2, the boy also complains about the girl, but in reality, the boy lacks the ability to express love and even harm the girl in inappropriate ways. However, the boy eventually declares that their relationship is over. In the hook, they express how much they still love each other.

Shapop was asked if this song is based on a true story, and he responded YES. This song is dedicated to his first love and also contains echoes of his debut. Prior to their breakup, Shapop made a promise to his girlfriend that he would write her a slow rock song. He had not anticipated their breakup, but it occurred. As a result, this song was inspired by his own life experiences. This is a heartbreaking story. The fans are hoping he can recover his composure and continue to release “The End” to the public.

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