Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and ultra, Camera, Feature, Specs, and Price

Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and ultra, Camera, Feature and Specs

Samsung’s Galaxy ‘S’ series has always been at the top of the Android phones. In fact, they are the phones that all loaded with all features, come in multiple screen sizes, and even available on all major carriers.

This year, Samsung is going bigger (a lot bigger) and even more expensive. The new Samsung galaxys20, Galaxy s20 plus, Galaxy s20 ultra all are well-known for camera specs, connectivity, and power. But, unfortunately, all of the ‘S’ series comes at a price.

Let’s Begin (Overview):

Well, give a read to this post to know some essential details on Samsung s20 smartphones.

Screen size and design:

All Galaxy S20 series support the new 120Hz refresh rate and HDR.  Just remember that the 120Hz refresh rate is only available if you keep the resolution of S20’s to FHD 1080p resolution.


All Galaxy S20 Series have regular, ultra-wide, and zoomed lenses, but each of them different!

The Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and the S20 Ultra all have regular, ultra-wide, and zoom lenses, but they all are different. Here are the main differences, read on to know!

Samsung Galaxy S20:

Samsung galaxy s20 Plus:

Samsung s20 ultra:

Selfie cameras:

What About 5G Network:

Battery sizes and chargers:

Did You Know:


The Samsung S20 phones will be available to buy on March 6.

Final Words:

In fact, the splendid & tremendous specifications, features of Galaxy S20 models make them very popular. Are you planning on buying any of these S20 series? So, ahead to your nearby Samsung outlet and get it and enjoy the clicks with amazing features!

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