How to Play Music from Your Phone to a Car Stereo


We all want to enjoy our ride in our car by playing songs in the car especially when we are with our friends. For playing songs in your car that are downloaded to your phone, you need to connect your phone with the car stereo. Some cars have four-wheeler speakers that come with a remarkable sound system so a person cannot resist playing songs on them.

For connecting your phone with the car stereo, you need to make sure that it is compatible with smart devices. You can connect it with the help of a wire or connect it through Bluetooth. It depends upon the compatibility of your car stereo.

In this guide, we have explained different ways that can be used for connecting your car radio with your smart device so that you could play music on it. these common ways have been mentioned below:

Use FM Radio Transmitter

If your car has four-wheeler speakers, you can use the most common method to connect the stereo with your smart device which is using an FM radio transmitter. We can say that it is one of the best and most fantastic ways as it is cheap and no technical knowledge is required for this purpose.

You can connect it with your iPhone or Android device by using the FM Bluetooth Adapter. Playing songs in your car greatly depends upon the type of phone you are trying to connect with the car stereo. It is because the Bluetooth functionality may be different in different cars. Moreover, the audio quality depends upon the quality of the adapter you are using.

Bluetooth Audio

Let us tell you that Bluetooth audio can be considered one of the best and most convenient methods to use for connecting your phone with your car’s speakers and playing music on them. All the latest models of cars come with the functionality of Bluetooth.

You just need to turn on the Bluetooth of your car and your phone’s Bluetooth and pair them. When both the devices are connected, you can play any music in your car on your car stereo enjoying its remarkable audio quality.

Some latest model cars allow you to change the songs with the help of the steering wheel. It also allows you to make free-hand calls. But let us tell you that the audio quality is not great but still you can enjoy this feature in your car.

Use The App

If you do not want to use a cable or Bluetooth to connect your mobile device to your car’s radio, let us tell you that there are many apps specified for the purpose of connecting your phone with your car so that you could play music on its stereo and enjoy your ride.

No doubt, it is a cost-effective method as you just need to install the app for this purpose. You may have seen that many older cars allow you to make calls when connected with the Bluetooth of your phone but you cannot play music. But the latest cars allow you to use smart applications for solving little issues.

Use iPod 30 Pin Adapter

You can use an iPod 30 pin adapter for playing songs on your car stereo by connecting it with your mobile phone. No doubt, it is one of the best methods that let you connect your Apple devices like iPhone and iPad through Bluetooth.

You cannot connect your Android devices through this adapter as it is only designed for Apple mobile devices. You are provided with remarkable audio quality using this method.


  1. How to connect your smartphone to a car stereo?

You can use a cable or connect your smartphone with your car stereo via Bluetooth as these are the most common methods to use for this purpose. You can also look for some other smart ways.

  1. Is Bluetooth functionality available in all the cars?

No, the functionality of Bluetooth is not available in older cars. You need a cable to connect your phone with the car stereo in such cars.


You may have seen there are different cars in the market with different specifications. We recommend you buy the one that lets you connect your smartphone device with your car’s stereo. 

No doubt, music adds value to our life especially when we are driving and are headed towards our destination for a trip. 

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