Marketing Ideas for Your Website

Almost every business needs a presence on the internet today. This is because we all head online to find information, compare prices, and look for reviews. So no matter whether you’re selling luxury cars or low-cost electronics, you need to be where your customers are searching. 

Unfortunately, though, it isn’t just a case of building a website and that is enough. Just like with a physical store, you need to promote your online presence. 

However, digital marketing is a very complex web of different techniques and tactics. To make things even more complicated, the techniques that work today most likely won’t in a few years, as the fast-paced changes that we see across the industry continually move the goalposts. 

Thankfully, there are some simple ideas that everyone can use to help get their website in front of potential customers. 

Promotions and Discounts

Promotions and discounts are tried and tested marketing techniques that have worked for centuries. It is possible you already use them to drive people into your store, restaurant, or other premises, so you’ll be familiar with how to use them. 

Giving away something for free can help in several different ways. Some businesses use it as a tool for letting customers “try before they buy”, either by giving them a free product sample to use or giving them access to a software platform for a limited period. 

In the iGaming industry, competition among different brands is incredibly strong. In US states, where companies are all scrambling to build market share, sportsbooks run these types of promotions to attract customers to their service over a rival’s. This means there are dozens of free bets available for Arizona customers that allow them to try out the sportsbook’s website and app for little or no cost to them. 

SAAS companies also use this approach, though they typically offer time or feature-limited free trials so that potential customers can see if their platform is suitable for them. 

The other method is to simply give away a product for free. These promotions often get posted to websites that collate discounts and freebies, so you will typically see a huge spike in traffic. While many people will just be visiting to claim the freebie, it’s a great way to find new qualified customers and put them into your sales funnel. 

Provide Resources That Your Customers Will Find Useful

Everyone loves to jump on the latest trends. This is especially true on social networks like Twitter where trending topics and hashtags are a way to get your posts seen by a greater number of people. 

The problem with continually churning out content that responds to the latest trends is that they will quickly become irrelevant as people will soon turn their attention to the latest piece of news or pop culture. 

Instead, a better approach is often to develop useful resources like guides, tutorials, or research that your customers will find helpful. They can be used at every level of the “buyer’s journey” to help inform potential customers about the different options available to them, choose which product or service is most suited to their needs, and show them how to use it after they’ve purchased. 

The marketing powerhouse, Hubspot, has gone as far as saying that every business blog needs evergreen content as it can continue to generate leads for a long time after it was created. That doesn’t mean you can’t edit or add to the content over time, but it means that most of it should be timeless so that it is as useful next year as it is today. 

Help Others on Q&A Sites

The internet is full of people looking for answers to questions and solutions to problems. While most people will head to Google as their first port of call, some will also eventually find themselves seeking help from others on websites like Reddit and Quora. 

Often, the people doing research on these sites are looking for experts or influencers that will be able to offer advice that is (at least partially) specific to them. If you have something valuable to offer, then you can be one of these experts. 

The person you help may then turn into a customer, but the answer you provide will likely also help others searching for the same thing. Therefore, it could serve as a long-term ad for your website.


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