Lyft Safety 101: 5 Best Practices That Could Save Your Life

Did you know that Lyft had 18.7 million active users in 2021? That’s proof that many people use or even depend on rideshares to get around. Rideshares are without a doubt a great tool to help you live your life. Like any other tool, however, rideshares have their dangers. Few people think of rideshare safety, or what to do in situations where you get in a rideshare accident.

If you’d like to know more about Lyft safety, then keep reading. We’ll tell you some things to keep in mind, both for personal safety and in case of a rideshare accident.

1. Seats and Seatbelts

If you’re taking a rideshare, it’s important to take a seat in the back. These seats are safer than the passenger seat, and it allows you to maintain a distance from the Lyft driver that is comfortable for both of you. Doing so is also a part of Lyft etiquette unless you are traveling with three or four people.

Next, make sure you use your seatbelt every time that you get in a car. This may seem obvious, but some people have observed that they treat a rideshare or a taxi differently than they do being in a car with someone they know. Doing this is a mistake. Buckling your seatbelt protects you as well as your Lyft driver. It can even save your life if a rideshare accident occurs.

2. Getting Confirmation

Make sure that you get in the right car when you believe your Lyft has arrived. There will be details about the make and model of the car in the app. If you do not know what a certain car looks like, use a search engine to look up an image.

Then, when approaching the car, get confirmation that it is the driver you are expecting. Do not say their name first. If someone is impersonating the driver, that just makes it easier for them.

Instead, wait until they say your name. Confirm it, and then proceed to get their name. Once you’ve made sure this is your Lyft, you’re free to get in.

3. Stick to the App

When using Lyft to order a ride or communicate with a driver, make sure all communication is done from the app. This is both to be professional and to ensure the safety of you and your driver. The app makes sure that your information, other than what is strictly needed, stays anonymous.

The Lyft app can make both texts and calls, so you shouldn’t have a problem reaching out to your driver if necessary. It’s best not to give your number to someone you don’t know. You don’t want them contacting you for reasons unrelated to your ride.

4. Share Your Location

If you are riding alone, you should share your location with the people you trust. Doing so will protect you for several reasons, the first of all being that they will make sure you get to your destination safely.

You never know what could happen. You may end up taking a route that makes you nervous, or you may have been tricked into the wrong Lyft.

If you get in a rideshare accident, this will also ensure that people know where you are. That way, if you’re injured, they can call the authorities.

5. Trust Your Instincts

Finally, make sure that you always trust your instincts. You probably recognize a lot more than you think you do. People are very skilled at recognizing minute changes from a pattern, enough to let them know something is “off” or give them a “bad gut feeling.”

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you’re allowed to refuse the ride and wait for the next one. It’s important to protect yourself in any given situation. For you, this may just mean you cancel the Lyft you ordered and wait for another one to get there.

It may sound irrational, but it’s better to listen to your instincts and be safe than sorry.

Additional Lyft Safety Tip

It’s important to keep in mind that you can do everything right and still end up in a rideshare accident. If this is the case, then all you can do is continue to protect your safety. How to do this is very simple: hire a rideshare accident lawyer.

Getting a rideshare accident lawyer may not seem important, but it’s smart to make it a priority. You need to file a claim as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may be difficult for your lawyer to plead your case.

An experienced lawyer will be able to assist you. This may be through getting financial compensation for medical treatment, or by pushing for a thorough investigation of the accident. You also shouldn’t need to defend yourself or worry about this claim on your own.

If you’d like to learn how a rideshare accident lawyer can protect you, go here for more information.

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