Loving Yourself – Five Tips for Feeling More Confident About Your Looks

It’s not always easy feeling confident about our looks. Maybe you have a scar that you hate or perhaps you’ve gained weight after having a baby and are finding it hard to adapt to your new body shape. However, if you can regain confidence in your looks, you will feel much more capable in all aspects of your life. Self-love is important! If you are feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, these five tips should help boost your confidence.


If your figure no longer feels like your own and you want to change your body shape, prioritizing exercise is vital. It doesn’t matter if you join a gym and work out five times a week or vow to take the dog for an extra daily walk; making time to exercise will not only help you feel in control of your body, but it will also improve your mental health. Make it a social event by exercising with friends or utilizing the time you are working out as a quiet moment in your busy schedule.


Changing your diet is a simple way to change your body shape and, much like exercising, you will automatically feel better for being proactive and in control. A balanced diet also has health benefits so you will be glad you’ve taken steps that will impact all parts of your life, not just now, but for years to come.

Personal Grooming

We all feel better when we take care of ourselves. During the pandemic, we got used to staying home in our loungewear, not bothering with our usual make-up and hair routine, let alone salon appointments. Investing in yourself will help you feel more confident about your looks, so take time to do whatever boosts your confidence. If a sassy hair color makes you strut, book an appointment with your stylist. Are fine lines and wrinkles getting you down? Botox or a facial will leave you feeling and looking refreshed. Regain your confidence and feel ready to take on the world! Additionally, for those interested in exploring professional solutions for enhancing their appearance, resources like Dermavel can provide helpful insights and options.

Plastic Surgery

If your unhappiness with your looks is longstanding and you want to make a permanent change, plastic surgery may be the right choice for you. Take time to research the procedures you are interested in and any recovery times and check out a surgeon’s previous work before signing up to be sure you are going to be happy with the results. Plastic surgery is much more common than you might think, so this could be the time for you to recreate yourself and give your confidence the boost it needs. Keep a look out for beauty deals that are great for tighter budgets.

Call in Your Friends

If you are struggling to feel confident about your looks it can be helpful to ask your closest friends and family to be honest about what they feel are your strengths. Having those you love telling you about your strengths can be reaffirming and make you feel better about yourself – and you might be surprised. The things that get you down when you look in the mirror might be something that your friends think is one of your best features. You will find you feel more confident about hearing positive things about your looks, but why stop there? Ask them about your talents, personality traits, and skills too. We often take for granted things that others admire. Own your strengths and own your beauty!

Feeling confident and comfortable with your looks is an ongoing challenge, so why not bookmark this list so you can refer back to it when you’re feeling low? 

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