How to sell yourself and present yourself as a Community Manager?

If you’ve ever worked as a Community Manager, you should know that it’s not a lonely person, let alone one who is left to his own devices. Nor is it a conqueror ready to take over from the person in charge. On the contrary, it is someone who is confident. And it’s a person who plays a very important role in the advancement of a company’s other activities. Here’s how you can best “sell” yourself and present yourself as such.

How to sell yourself as a Community Manager?

If you manage to land a Community Manager job, there are a few things you need to make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to finally work in the industry of your choice. Note that as in all interviews, there are pitfalls that will be reserved for you to test yourself.

The first mistake you can make is to believe that everyone trusts you and that whatever you do will earn you praise and encouragement. This is a trap. You must only focus on your goals. You have to get it into your head that you are expected, no matter what your employer’s impression of you is, to make a difference in the company you just joined.

Another trap consists in not knowing anything about the digital world, which is the key to your success as a Community Manager. Above all, don’t lie because sooner or later your employer will notice. What you need to do is to train in this sector if you have the opportunity to do so, so that you don’t end up without a job. On that note, if you are still about to apply for a Community Manager job, take inspiration from the online templates to find the right Community Manager resume example for your profile.

The third trap as a community manager is to be too afraid. You will never be able to “sell” yourself if you are afraid to meet and work with new people. Sure, there will probably be colleagues who are warier of you because they are afraid of losing their place in the company. But this is not a reason to give up. Their fear is normal because they know that you are an experienced person. But you can act in such a way that they trust you to be there to support them, not replace them.

To detect these different traps, gauge the capacity of the company you have just joined to invest in digital, which is your main sector of activity.  Never accept a position as a Community Manager if the company does not have a real web maturity allowing you to work in the good conditions of a real Community Manager. Before joining a company, see for yourself if this company is present on the Internet, if it has a good image and if it has social and professional networks. If it is not the case, first see if you can make changes by working as a Community Manager or not.

And if fortunately, you have joined the company, during the job interview, talk about all the online actions and the company’s digital needs to convince your recruiter that you are really worthy of the Community Manager position.  Once you are hired as a Community Manager, introduce yourself to everyone in the company including other employees, and explain your main role in the company so that everyone trusts you to move forward together. It is your role to improve communication and relationships in this company while respecting the internal rules. This is how you will be able to “sell” yourself as a Community Manager.

How to introduce yourself as a Community Manager?

Presentation in the workplace is not only about the way you dress but also about the habits you adopt in the office. You can ask your new employer what the dress code is so that you don’t step out of line. If there is none, you can simply remain classy and professional. Dress appropriately if possible. You can dress casually but occasionally. For example, you can dress appropriately Monday through Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday dress casually. For the interview, a suit is probably mandatory.

As for the presentation of your role as a Community Manager, you will be in charge of presenting it to the people in charge in the company and to the people you will be working closely with so that they understand your usefulness in the company and what they can do with you. Explain your role and what you can bring to the company. Of course, the person who interviewed you may have already introduced you to others, but the best thing to do is to introduce yourself so that trust between you is already established.

When you speak, try to make a reassuring speech so that everyone can understand your arrival in the company. On that note, it’s best to use “we” rather than “I” when introducing yourself as a Community Manager. And towards your employer, show that you are the ideal person to make changes and participate in the life of this company to make it evolve.

Show that you have an interest in this company and that you adhere to its culture and values. And show that you are curious about the company’s history to show that you already belong to it.

To conclude, knowing how to “sell” yourself and how to present yourself are qualities that a Community Manager must have to succeed. In order not to be a “threat” to your colleagues, you must try to present your role in your company and sell yourself as such so that even partners will support and fund the company. You must make it clear to everyone else that you are a very important person in a company.

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