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How to prepare for the better weather

As we head into the month of May, the winter feels like a distant memory. The plants are beginning to flower, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to rise. There’s so much to look forward to throughout spring and summer, with the promise of holidays, barbecues with friends and long, rambling walks in the countryside.

But before you can enjoy all of that, you might find that you have a little bit of work to do around the home. You want to make the most of the best months of the year, so now’s the time to get properly prepared. Here are a few suggestions for things you may need to add to your to-do list.

Give your garden some TLC

Chances are that over autumn and winter, you’ve left your garden to fend for itself. And that’s fair enough – but now’s your chance to get back out there and spruce it up a bit. Get rid of all the dead leaves and branches, sweep the patio and mow the lawn. You’ll be surprised at the transformative effect of just a few simple jobs. And why not make some additions, such as string lights to help create a relaxed ambience on the warmer evenings that are to come. 

Dig out your summer clothes

Those dresses, vests, shorts and t-shirts have been tucked away since well before Christmas, but they can now be rescued from the bottom of the drawer or the back of the wardrobe. Remind yourself of exactly what you have – this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of anything you’re unlikely to wear again. Once you’ve made a keep and a donate pile, you can start swapping out your winter warmers for some bright and breezy summer looks.

Get the house ready

You may need to switch back to a thinner duvet unless you’re someone who prefers to be toasty in bed no matter what the weather. And if it looks like a heatwave might be on the way, you could invest in a couple of fans to help cool you down. Meanwhile, now is a good time to clear out the fireplace and give it a good clean. Hopefully, you won’t be needing that or the central heating for a few months – which will be very welcome given the rising cost of energy bills in the UK.

Plan your holidays

We’ve saved the best until last on this list! There is no end to holiday destinations for you to pick from, and you can make your choice depending on your budget, timeframe and interests. It could be a short city break in a European capital, a relaxing week spent in the sun, or a few days walking in the mountains. Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy your summer to the full!


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