How to Elevate Your Wardrobe in 2022

It’s 2022 and it’s time to take a look at everything. If these past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we must live our lives to the fullest. So, here we are, looking at our wardrobe. Why dress average when you can dress to stand out? Here are some ways you can elevate your wardrobe in 2022:

Take a Look at Your Office Outfits

While we want to follow office rules with our dress code, we can’t forget to showcase our style when going to work. If you enjoy showing off your style, an office job can make your wardrobe feel limiting. But just because work hours take up most of our weeks, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your taste into some workwear. 

While the typical suit seems to be the most common office wear, you can mix things up. You can play around with different women’s blouses, slacks, blazers, skirts, and more. Ankle pants and classy blouses with just a little bit of flair are a great idea for office looks in 2022. You can play around with color, patterns, and silhouettes to change and liven up your office wear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

Look, we get that those neutral colours can make you feel classy but we’re just really into bold colors this year. We want all the attention in 2022, okay? Stand out in pinks, greens, blues, or reds. Whether you’re dressing for a date or a special corporate occasion, make sure your closet has bold colors that you can play around with. If you’re not too familiar with colour in your wardrobe, learn about color theory and blocking to get some tips on how to do so.

Shop Sustainably for Longevity

If you want to truly elevate your style, you’ll want to make sure you’re shopping at the right places. Sustainable fashion is leading the way as many fashion brands are taking note of the conscious shopper. As we learn about how much water goes into making clothes and how many clothes end up in landfills every year, people are striving to do their part for the planet. 

Avoid fast fashion and shop for brands that practice sustainability in the manufacturing of products. Plus, most sustainable brands are making clothes designed for longevity and what that means for you is quality looks that make you look put together and also allow you to spend less on your wardrobe, so that’s a win-win all around. When shopping sustainably, think about the piece you want to purchase. Could you see yourself wearing this piece years from now? If so, then make that conscious purchase. While eco-friendly may be more money upfront, by buying quality, you ensure you have a piece of clothing you’ll have for decades to come. 

Crochet, baby

Crochet clothing may just be one of our favourite trends to arise. While it may have started with crochet bathing suits, we’ve now evolved to crochet everything. 

Crochet clothing is great for festivals and the warmer months. Add some crochet to your wardrobe to elevate your look this summer of 2022. Crochet takes inspiration from the 70s and we’re glad it is back. If you know how to crochet, try getting crafty and making your own pieces. Not many people get to say they made their outfit! 


Shine on! Especially in this summer heat. Take the shine away from your face and take it down to your outfit. Sequins are in right now and we love it, especially for nights out. 

If you want to dazzle your audience, whether that’s your date or your girlfriends, or simply the general public, don’t be afraid to wear sequins. Yes, you can wear sequins to work or sequins to brunch with the gals. A girl deserves to sparkle, and sequins will have you doing just that.

In Conclusion

Life is too short not to dress well. If you want to look good wherever you go, elevate your wardrobe with some of these tips in mind. You may look amazing now in what you wear but why not take your style to another level to ensure you always look ready to slay, no matter where you’re going or what the occasion may be. 

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