How to Earn a Nice-Sized Salary in Commissions Selling Timeshares

Experts predict the timeshare market will be worth an astonishing USD 20460 million by 2025. With such vast revenues at stake, it’s no surprise many salespeople are considering entering this sector and earning significant commissions on timeshare sales.
But, selling timeshares won’t be lucrative if clients decide to hold on to their money or buy from another salesperson. The good news is you can use some helpful tips to show potential customers you are offering a fantastic opportunity that’s not to be missed!
Let’s dive in and learn how to sell a timeshare and earn generous commissions.

Understand Your Audience

You’ll know all the features of the timeshare you’re offering to a buyer, but what are the benefits for their lifestyle? You need to relate to your audience when timeshare selling so you can truly meet their needs. You could perform market research by asking people to complete questionnaires, or you could create customer personas based on your current list of clients who own timeshares in the area.
This approach can help you connect with buyers and supercharge your timeshare income.

Be Honest

When attempting to sell a timeshare, you’ll be highlighting the best aspects of a property to a potential buyer. However, it’s crucial to always be honest and provide accurate information. If customers feel you are dishonest, they are likely to stop dealing with you and look for another firm.
When you develop a reputation for honesty, this can lead to other buyers seeking you out as they’ll trust your approach to timeshare selling.

Don’t Be Salesy

One of the most undervalued ways of making money selling timeshares is to be a helpful and trusted source of information. If clients feel like you are always trying to make a sale, they may avoid your phone calls and emails. But, if they know you’ll offer them helpful tips about why a timeshare can be of benefit, they are more likely to buy from you rather than a competitor.

Give Clients Space

Customers don’t like to feel pressured, so let them know you’ll not hassle them for an answer. Some clients may not go ahead with the purchase, but others will appreciate your approach. You can agree on a call-back schedule, so both parties are comfortable with the timeframe for the next step in the process.

Have a Longer-Term Follow Up Strategy

If a client doesn’t want to buy right now, they may still be interested in purchasing a timeshare in the future. To boost your timeshare sales income, ask if it’s ok to follow up in six months’ time. You may find a customer has changed their mind and are now ready to make a timeshare investment.

Decide If Selling Timeshares Is Right For You

Selling timeshares can be enjoyable as well as offering a significant income from commissions. The key is to research your target market, provide customers with plenty of helpful information, and allow potential buyers time to make a decision. You may even find new clients who give you referrals as they know you have a patient and thoughtful approach to your work.
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