How to Develop a Car Wash Business: Things you Need to Know

Many young entrepreneurs started out washing neighbors’ cars to make some extra pocket money and the reason for this is that most car owners are happy to part with a few dollars to have their car cleaned. Turning a part-time weekend moneymaker into a full-time business is not that difficult; all you need are suitable premises and some equipment, and you are ready to roll.

Whatever it may be, you should know and learn how to start a pressure washing company, laundry, cleaning service, or washing, anything, as long as you are determined.

Choosing a Location

Of course, you need to be in a place that is not remote and the first thing to do is check out your competition, which there will be; many gas stations have a car wash business around the back and although it might take a while, you need to find them all and pin their locations on a map. Record their prices and the various services offered; while the price might be secondary to some car owners, you don’t want to price yourself out of the market.

Crunch the Numbers

Calculate the total start-up cost, from power wash machines down to cleaning solutions, and add around 30% to that figure to cover unexpected expenses, which you will encounter sooner or later. You also need to know how much money you must take per day to break even, which gives you a firm target to aim for, then you can plot projected cash forecasts.

Cover the Risks

Fortunately, you can find tailored insurance coverage for your car wash business from a leading US commercial insurer; this package typically includes:

  • General liability
  • Commercial property
  • Car damage (comprehensive)
  • Garage keepers liability
  • Faulty work

The Internet is great for comparing insurance quotes, so finding the best all-around deal is never going to be an issue. Most insurers will accept monthly payments and the cover is activated immediately and can easily be canceled with some notice.


Word of mouth isn’t going to get you enough customers to make the business pay; invest in some localized SEO and develop a digital marketing plan that makes good use of social media. Aim for a spectacular opening day with a huge discount for those who come before midday and create a concept that people can identify with. You should have a range of services on offer, from a basic wash-and-go to a full-on vehicle detail, which is perfect for the car owner who is looking to sell. Here are a few ways to avoid business obstacles with a start-up.

Business Registration

If the business takes off and you are doing really well, your rivals will be looking for ways to shut you down; register the business at the very outset and post your registration certificate on the office wall, so everyone can see you are a legitimate business. The days of moonlighting are long gone and business registration can be done online, click here for details. You will sleep soundly at night, knowing your business is legal and you have suitable insurance in place, which is a strong base from which to create a business empire.

Check to find out if there are any car wash franchises in your area, as this virtually guarantees success; you simply follow the business model and take advantage of a known and trusted brand.

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