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How to Create Cool Social Graphics for Your Brand

Did you know the average person’s attention span on social media is only about two seconds?

That means your social graphics have two seconds to make an impression and leave people wanting more! Creating eye-catching photos is the key to creating graphics that leave lasting impressions and viewers wanting to invest more of their time looking through your page.

Keep reading to learn how to take your social media graphic design to the next level.

Establish Your Branding

The first step is crucial. You need to establish your branding goals before creating any images, so the overall picture of your social media doesn’t look scattered or confusing.

You should determine what colors you want to be associated with your brand. If there are any specific fonts you want to use, they should align with the message you’re sending.

You might also use this time to determine a social media strategy as well. For example, will you be posting every day or every few days? Knowing the answers to questions like this will help you better prepare to create images your target audience will relate to.

Find a Program to Work With

Creating social media graphics that pop requires using an editing tool. Using a program with a free background remover gives you a good base for creating a seamless final product.

After the background is removed, you can merge several photos and finalize the graphic by adding:

•           Words in your ideal font

•           A solid background

•           Stickers

•           Gifs

•           Animations

All of these elements put together are what leave you with a share-worthy image.

Helpful Tips to Remember

Having an all-in-one tool for your social media graphic design makes creating content simple. But you don’t want to overdo it either.

Avoid making your images too busy or overwhelming to look at. While it’s great to have many editing options, incorporating them all into one picture isn’t the best idea.

You can try using templates to save time and know you’ll have a stunning image to share without too much trial and error.

Be sure to save files in the correct format for sharing on social media. For example, saving it as a PDF won’t work if you want to share something on Instagram. Instead, try saving all social media graphics as PNGs, so you have the best picture quality possible!

Create Stunning Social Graphics in Seconds

Creating successful social graphics doesn’t have to take hours of time. Instead, a once frustrating process can be simplified by using the right tool to create images and sticking to your branding so you reach your target audience with ease.

If you follow the tips found here, your social media pages will undoubtedly look fantastic in no time!

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