How to Clean Diamond Jewelry at Home

In recent years, a 1-carat diamond is worth over $10,400. You might not have such a big piece of jewelry, but they just might be a few valuable pieces in your collection.

Has it been a while since you got them out to wear though? Then they might not look as brilliant as they used to.

You can always bring your pieces to a jeweler to have them cleaned. But why go through that problem when you can DIY it?

This article will show you how to clean diamond jewelry at home so you don’t have to have a professional do it for you.

Soak Your Jewelry

Once or twice a week, you should soak your diamond jewelry in a gentle degreasing solution. You don’t need to buy anything fancy either; just fill a container with warm water and diluted dish soap!

Give it a little bit of time, then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub the pieces thoroughly. This should dislodge any remaining dirt. Make sure to get the back of the diamond to restore its shine.

Dry your pieces with a lint-free cloth after rinsing them off.

Equipment to Consider

When cleaning diamond jewelry at home, you can use a steam cleaner if you already have one. This can easily restore the shine in your pieces!

You can also purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. You’ll fill it with a liquid solution, put your pieces in, and turn the machine on. It uses high-frequency sound waves to eliminate all dirt and grime on your jewelry.

An ultrasonic cleaner comes in handy if you’ve got lots of jewelry to clean. However, it can knock the gems loose, especially if your pieces are on the older side. To be safe, you should stick with the soaking method and only use this equipment once in a while for deeper cleaning.

Things to Avoid

You’ll want to avoid using any products with chlorine bleach or other abrasives. You might’ve already guessed that jewelry can be sensitive to these chemicals. The metals can erode if you use the wrong products.

Don’t clean your diamond jewelry next to the sink either. All it takes is one wrong move for it to fall into the drain!

If you find that your pieces aren’t as great as you remembered them, even after cleaning, then you can always upgrade. Get cash for diamonds and gold to buy yourself something new and shiny!

Now You Know How to Clean Diamond Jewelry at Home

By learning how to clean silver jewelry at home, you can save yourself some time and money. Instead of driving out to your local jeweler, you can just use the diamond jewelry cleaning tips we’ve given you!

So feel free to spread this information amongst your friends and family. They’ll be grateful for these hacks!

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