How to Clean a Snapback Hat

Did you know that people lose an average of at least 3 liters of sweat each day, even without much movement?

Sweating is a mode of life, and people that wear hats are no strangers to it, especially when their heads are in the sunlight.

If you love wearing snapback hats but don’t want your favorite hat to get ruined, you should learn about cleaning it.

Keep reading to learn how to clean a snapback hat without ruining its structure or design!

Remove the Dust

One of the first steps in learning how to clean a snapback hat is to remove the dust.

Removing the top layers of dust will prevent them from staining the fabric. The best way to remove dust and dirt is with a makeup sponge or lint brush. Avoid using a wet cloth at this stage since it can turn the dust into mud and damage the hat.

Avoid using harsh bristles for a brush since they can damage the stitching and material in your hat. Many people ruin their hats in the process of cleaning them because they underestimate how vulnerable the fabric is.

If it’s already too late and you’ve got a muddy hat, you’ll need to handle things differently.

Clean Mud & Stains

Before getting your favorite hat wet, let the mud dry completely, and then start cleaning a snapback hat.

Once the mud is dried, you can take the hat outside and tap off as much of the dirt as possible. Many people recommend using a soft brush or sponge to get rid of the dirt. Depending on how soiled your hat is, you might have to wash out the rest of the dirt.

Dirt stains are difficult to get rid of, but they aren’t impossible. Warm water on a washcloth can get dabbed on muddy areas. This should help remove all of the soil, however, some hats need soap to get the job done.

Wash Out Sweat

Most people decide to clean a snapback hat when they notice that it’s getting sweaty and gross.

The best way to get rid of sweat in your snapback is to fill a tub with cool water and add a little bit of laundry detergent. You can let the hat soak in the water and as it soaks, the soap will penetrate the stubborn oils.

If you want to avoid future sweat stains, try putting a piece of paper towel in the sweatband of the hat to absorb moisture. After each wear, change the paper towel and let the hat fully dry.

Many people recommend getting BinkyBro hats for children since they are easy to clean and breathable.

Work Out Tough Spots

Do you have oil, blood, or stubborn stains on your hat?

Just because a spot isn’t disappearing with detergent, doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause. Although bleach is effective for spot-clean white fabrics, you must be careful that it doesn’t spread to other areas.

If you got blood on your snapback from a bad fall on your skateboard, head for the medicine cabinet. Hydrogen peroxide works great at removing blood stains, especially if you can get to them while they’re still fresh. Once you notice the blood. Pour some of the liquid over the hat and dab the stains away.

Oil stains are another area of frustration. The best way to get rid of these spots is by putting talcum powder or cornstarch over the soiled spot. Let the powder sit for several hours and then use a soft brush to get rid of the debris.

Avoid the Washing Machine

Although you want to wash your hats in laundry detergent, you don’t want to put them in the machine.

Fabrics clean up nicely in the washing machine, however, the motions can damage your hat’s structure. The best option for cleaning your hats is in a bathtub or sink that is clean. You also want to avoid the washing machine since it could risk exposure to previous bleach or other chemicals used in the wash.

Handwashing your hats will help preserve their shapes and the colors of the fabric won’t fade as quickly. Use cool or room temperature water when washing since hot water can damage the threads.

Let It Dry

After the stains are gone, and the job isn’t over, there is still a risk that you can ruin the hat.

Never put your hat in a dryer, since it will damage the structure and could overheat the gentle threads. Use a soft towel to pat the hat dry and get rid of as much water as possible. Once the hat is no longer dripping, you can place it in a well-ventilated area.

Your hat will keep its shape as long as you place it in the proper position and allow airflow from each direction. Even if it takes a while, avoid using a hair dryer to get the remaining wet spots. Too much heat exposure can shrink the fibers and damage the shape.

If necessary, you might need to put a simple item below the hat to hold it from the top. This is a snapback hat tip that can prevent crinkling and drooping fabric.

Do You Know How to Clean a Snapback Hat?

Learning how to clean a snapback hat can save you time and frustration.

Instead of tossing your next hat that gets messy, you can clean it to look brand new. These tips work great and can prevent you from looking sloppy since stains will be a thing of the past. By thinking smart and waiting to act, you can get rid of the dirt without turning it into mud.

Don’t forget to use caution when soaking your hats or using bleach.

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