How to Choose the Best Vape: A Quick Guide

About 1 in 20 Americans vape. Are you one of them?

Vaping has taken the place of smoking for many people (both cigarettes and marijuana). The jury is still out on whether or not vaping is safe for you, but it does seem to be a safer alternative to smoking.

If you’re in the market for a new vape, you have more options than ever. How do you find the best vape for you? Let’s talk about it.

Read on before you purchase a vape.

First: What Are You Vaping?

This is an important first place to start before you buy a vape. Not all vapes are alike, and depending on what it is you’re vaping, you’ll need a specific type.

If you’re vaping herbs (like marijuana), you’ll need a vaporizer that’s suited to that. Most of them only hold liquid.

Even when it comes to liquid vapes, you want to choose one that’s right for your specific type of liquid. CBD and THC vape pens are different from nicotine vape pens.

They hold different cartridges, and you use them differently.

You can shop here to see a variety of vape liquids and have a professional help you choose the right vape for your preferred liquid.

Consider the Inhale Style

Did you know that inhale styles vary depending on the type of vape pen that you use? Some pens release a lot of vapor all at once, while others are more subtle.

Subtle vapes are good for the average user who’s using vapes to quit smoking. People who like flashier vapes that produce a lot of vapor (often for tricks) would want to choose a different vape.

New vapers tend to prefer mouth-to-lung vapes because they’re the most similar to cigarettes. They’re also good for anyone who likes high-nicotine vape liquid.

Direct-to-lung vapes don’t require you to hold the vapor in your mouth at all. As the name implies, it goes straight into your lungs.

Restricted direct lung vapes also go straight to your lungs, but the flow of vapor isn’t as intense. It has a stronger throat hit than direct-to-lung vapes, so it’s best for someone who doesn’t want a super smooth experience.

Choose Your Size

How large do you want your vape to be?

Some people, often the same ones who like giant fluffy vape clouds, prefer a large vape. These vapes aren’t as convenient to bring out in public because they’re more noticeable and don’t fit as well into average pockets.

Small and subtle vapes are best for people who aren’t vaping for show. They may be quitting smoking or vaping in public places where it would be rude to blow out large clouds of vapor.

Find the Best Vape for Your Needs

There’s no one “best vape,” but you can find the right vape for you if you consider the right factors!

The best way for you to purchase a vape that works for you is to visit a vape store and talk to the staff about their vape products. They’ll help you make the right choice!

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