How to Buy Shoes Online Without Trying Them On

You’ve been wearing your old shoes for a while. They’re starting to wear out and fall apart on you. It might be time for you to buy new ones.

With today’s technology, you can get a brand-new pair of sneakers without even going to the store. You can shop online and have your sneakers shipped to your house.

The problem is when you buy shoes online, you can’t try them out before you commit to a purchase. You don’t want to waste your money buying sneakers that won’t fit you. Lucky Feet Shoes Palm Desert

We can help you out with that. Keep reading to learn how to purchase Lucky Feet Shoes Palm Desert online without having any regrets.

Measure Your Feet

The main issue with buying shoes from a website is that you can’t try them on first. The easiest way to combat this problem is by measuring your feet before committing to a purchase.

Grab a white sheet of paper and place it on the floor. Put your foot on top of the paper and trace it with a pencil or marker. After you’re finished tracing, grab a ruler.

Put a dot where your longest toe ends and another where your heel ends. Use the ruler to measure the space between the two dots in centimetres.

Read the Sizing Chart

Looking at your size in centimetres isn’t going to do much for you unless you use a sizing chart. Every brand is different in this regard.

The good news is that most sneaker websites have a chart that you can look at. Sometimes the sizes in the chart can be a bit off. They can run large or small.

To avoid buying the wrong size by accident, check out the product description. The manufacturer will usually tell you if you need to round up or down.

If those details aren’t in the description, check out product reviews before making the purchase. Other customers will let you know if you need to buy a size up or down.

Know Your Foot Size Can Change

Another important detail to note is that your foot size has the habit of changing. Usually, this happens in the event of rapid weight loss or gain.

Your can swell if you’ve been on them all day or if you’re pregnant. To this end, be sure to measure your foot size the evening you’re planning to buy the shoes.

The reason why we say evening is because that’s when your feet are at their largest. Your sneakers might end up being a bit large when you first slide them on, but that’s better than being too small.

When in Doubt Go With the Tried and True

If there’s a company that you usually buy from, you might as well go with the tried and true. You already know how their shoes fit you, so it’s not likely that you’ll buy the wrong size.

You also know that they’re going to be comfortable and durable. There’s no reason to change things up unless you want to buy a pair of shoes that the company’s website doesn’t offer.

Read Reviews

If there’s something wrong with a pair of shoes, other customers will let you know. Always read reviews before you make a purchase. Their comments can tell you a lot about a product.

Again, if the sneakers run large or small, customers will let you know so you can make adjustments and buy a size up or down.

Familiarize Yourself With the Return Policy

Your shoes come in the mail, and they’re not what you thought they were going to be. They fit, but they’re not that comfortable, and the colours are a little darker than anticipated.

If you spent a lot of money on the shoes (and even if you didn’t), you’re going to want to return them. That’s why you always look at a company’s return policy before buying from them.

Most shops will give you a few weeks to return the shoes or at least allow you to trade them in for store credit. If a store doesn’t have such protections in place, don’t buy from them.

Look For Pictures

Most websites have pictures that you can look at before you buy. You’ll be able to use these photos to view the shoes from every angle.

It will give you a good idea of what you can expect out of the sneaker. If the website doesn’t have photos that you can use for a reference, it should raise a few red flags.

Wear the Shoes for a Few Days

If your shoes don’t fit when they come in the mail, your first impulse is going to be to send them right back where they came from. Our advice is to wait a few days first.

Depending on the materials, the shoes will stretch out after a while. Wear them around your house for a day or two. If they’re still not comfortable after that, go ahead and send them back.

Don’t Regret Your Purchase When You Buy Shoes Online

As you can see, there are a lot of problems that can occur when you buy shoes online. Since you can’t try the sneakers on before you purchase them, there’s a small chance that they won’t fit.

They may not be the colour that you thought they were going to be. If you don’t buy from a reputable company, it will be impossible to send them back.

We hope that you’re able to use the buying tips that we talked about here to stop yourself from falling for common scams.

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