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How Much Will It Expense to Hire Professional Movers?

Hiring professional movers can not only alleviate the stress of moving but can also free up some extra time in your schedule. As beneficial as moving companies are, they come at a cost.

Depending on how far you’re moving, the size of your current home, and what work you’ve already done yourself, hiring movers can require hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how much it will cost to hire professional movers and what you should expect throughout the process.

Average Professional Movers Cost

If you’re planning a move, the first thing you need to consider is the total cost of professional movers.

The range of rates depends on two factors, the distance of the move and the size of the current residence. Local vs. long-distance moves will result in a much wider range of costs. A one-bedroom apartment will be much cheaper to move out of than a four-bedroom house.

For example, an estimate of a one-bedroom local move can be anywhere between $200 and $500. Once you get to a long-distance move, that same one-bedroom goes up to $1,760-$2,500.

What Increases Moving Costs?

The base rate of hiring professional movers doesn’t tell the full story of how much planning a move costs.

Several factors determine an increased cost of moving. This includes:

  • Hiring extra movers
  • Storage in transit
  • Long carry fees
  • Flight charges
  • Extra stops
  • Location
  • Moving specialty items

These are just a few examples of extra fees that can be tacked onto a move. These services can add anywhere from tens to hundreds of extra dollars to an already expensive total.

How Do I Estimate a Move?

Now that you know the factors that go into a move, you’ll want to collect some general information about your move to find a budget.

Take the number of hours you think will be needed to complete your move and multiply it by the hourly rate the company lists. If you have additional moving fees like those listed above, make sure to include those as well.

Estimating a move can be difficult to calculate. Move size, time of year, moving date, professional movers, you name it. If you don’t want to deal with this part of the process companies like Haulin Assets Movers provide a free quote to help you calculate your moving costs.

No matter how big or small the move, experienced professional movers will come to your home and gather critical information for your move – giving you an accurate price point.

Make the process easy and follow these moving tips to ensure a stress-free move.

Invest in Helpful Material

Hiring professional movers can help eliminate the unknown of moving logistics and costs. Moving doesn’t have to be difficult but knowing what you’re in for beforehand makes a difference.

If you’re interested in more helpful material like this, keep reading our articles. We have plenty of resources that can benefit whatever situation you need help with.

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