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Flower Language for Beginners: The Secret to the Perfect Bouquet

There are no rules when it comes to picking out flower bouquets for whatever occasion. The beauty of flowers is each woman’s style is unique to them.

No matter if you prefer dainty, bold, wild, or traditional, there is always a bouquet suited for you. Even if you don’t know a thing about flowers, express your feminine style using the flower language for beginners below.

Read on!

Gather Your Supplies

Gathering the supplies necessary to arrange a beautiful bouquet is the first step. Cutters are necessary to trim and prepare the stems of the flowers.

Floral wire and tape are also important and will assist in fastening the bouquet together and making sure it all stays in place. Floral shears, scissors, and greening pins will also be handy to help evenly trim, shape and combine the flowers.

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Choose Flower Types and Colors

You can then pick colors that are complementary to your favorite colors. Next, you should consider the season when selecting flowers.

Opting for seasonal flowers that are readily available can save you money. Then you should consider the colors of the flowers and the colors of the vase you plan on using to display the bouquet.

Also, consider the size of the bouquet and decide on the types of flowers and colors that look best together within that size.

Prune Each Stem

When arranging a bouquet, it’s important to prune each stem to ensure a finished look. To do this, begin by snipping about a quarter of an inch off each end of the stems. Then, remove any leaves that would be under the water line.

After trimming, place the flowers in a clean vessel with cool fresh water. Make sure to replace the water every couple of days. Gently place each stem in the water at an angle. Then, keep the flowers in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

As you arrange the flowers, consider the size and shape of the stems and foliage you are working with. Allow each flower to have enough room to display the fullness of its shape.

Once the desired look is achieved, bind the stems together by creating a wrap or tie around them with floral wire or a decorative ribbon to secure them.

Enhance With Decorative Accents

To get started, select a vase that best compliments the colors of your blossoms. If you decide to use a clear vase, be sure to pair it with colorful blooms.

Trim the stems of your flowers so that they are slightly longer than the vase and at an angle. The angle allows for all the blooms to fit snuggly, while the length gives them the opportunity to reach out and bloom over the rim.

To add decorative accents, use burlap or colored ribbon to adorn the vase, or add extra foliage, petals, and stems to the bouquet.

Place the accents within the flowers to create some visual interest and your bouquet is sure to be eye-catching and sophisticated.

Learn More About Flower Languages Today

Flower language is a beautiful and intimate way to communicate your emotions for life’s special occasions.

With the beginner steps and tips discussed in this article, you can confidently start picking, arranging, and sending the perfect bouquet that truly says what you want it to say.

Try it out yourself and enjoy the beauty of flower arrangements in your own way!

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