Features of a healthy workplace

A healthy workplace is one that promotes safety and growth and where employees feel they are well looked after and respected. In return, productivity is increased and a company’s reputation and brand are highly recognised.

All businesses across every industry should strive to achieve a positive workplace for every staff member and there are many ways in which this can be done effectively. 

We’ll take a look at how to provide a comfortable workspace where you can get the most out of your employees and successfully grow your business.   

Open and honest communication 

A sign of a healthy workplace is one that values open communication between employers and employees. In order to grow and improve, companies should ask workers for feedback on processes, systems and organisation. If employees feel as though they’re able to give honest responses without any repercussions, they are more likely to feel respected and help your business achieve its aims.  

It’s also vital not to dismiss employee suggestions without giving a good reason. Whilst you might not be able to meet every demand, showing that you’re willing to compromise will maintain a positive relationship with your staff.  

Positive reinforcement  

Too often, employers are quick to criticise but fail to reward staff when productivity is going well or even exceeding expectations. Find ways to thank your staff for their continuing hard work, whether that’s through bonuses, raises, team lunches or even an annual party. Promoting a positive environment lets employees know their work is acknowledged and valued by the company and they’re not just a number, especially if you have a large business.  


Safety is imperative in every workplace and businesses must adhere to the appropriate health and safety regulations. Depending on the industry, suitable workwear and protective equipment should be provided so staff can carry out their work safely. This should fit well and be comfortable to ensure staff are properly protected. Regular health and safety refresher courses are crucial so employees can be made aware of any changes that might affect them.  

It’s also important to have a mental health support programme in place to protect workers from the impact of workplace stress. Part of this could involve offering flexible working for a better work/ life balance and encouraging conversations around mental health.   

Promote healthiness 

If your company utilises an office environment, encourage movement and provide ergonomic equipment to support good posture. Ensuring individual requirements are met will promote a healthy and respected workplace for all employees.  

Other ideas to promote a healthy lifestyle whilst at work could include offering fresh fruit to promote a balanced diet, providing lunchtime exercise classes and encouraging employees to take breaks outdoors.  

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