Facts About London You Probably Didn’t Know

London is one of the most famous and glamorous cities in the world. England’s capital is a business and tourist hub that attracts visitors from all over the globe each year with many iconic and historic attractions and buildings, but what are some lesser-known things about London? This post will look at a few interesting facts about London that you may not know and can impress others with when you visit.

England’s Smallest City

Although England’s capital and an incredibly busy city, you will find that population-wise this is the smallest city in England. There is a population of just 9,123 in the actual City of London itself (excluding Greater London), which makes it the smallest city in England. It is mainly visitors that make the city itself such a busy area, but few people live there. If you are visiting, you can easily book a train ticket online to take you to the capital where it is then easy to get around on foot or by tube.

Big Ben Has a Different Name

Big Ben is one of the most recognizable and famous London landmarks, but did you know that this is not the name of the clock or tower? Big Ben is a nickname (the origin is open to question) with the clock’s actual name being the Great Bell and the tower on which it is located is Elizabeth Tower (previously Clock Tower).

It is Not Illegal to Die in Parliament

It is a common myth that you are not allowed to die in parliament, but there is no trace of any such law and it is thought that the myth comes from the idea that anyone that dies in a Royal Palace is eligible for a state funeral (also not true).

It is Home to the Smallest Statue in the World

There are all kinds of impressive, large and imposing statues all over the capital that attract tourists from all over the world, but did you know that London is also home to the smallest statue in the world? Found on the corner building of Philpot Lane Eastcheap, EC3, The Two Mice Statue depicts two mice fighting over a piece of cheese and dates back as far as 1862.

The Name Comes From “Londinous”

There are a few ideas surrounding the naming of the capital city, but the most accepted is that it comes from the old Celtic word “Londinous”, which means to be bold.

Hopefully, these facts will have taught you a thing or two about England’s capital and make your trip to London even more interesting and enjoyable. 

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