Essential Real Estate Marketing Materials

If you work in real estate, you know just how much potential opportunity there is for people willing to put in the work. Real estate sales and brokerage make up a $202 billion business. To get your piece of the pie, you have to learn some solid marketing principles.

Real estate marketing will help you reach prospective buyers, renters, or investors so that you can thrive in your profession. But which real estate marketing materials are the most useful? We’re happy to explain.

Move forward with the business at hand by using the following real estate marketing materials.

A Quality Site

Before anything, you need a website that is informative. This site has to be tops on your list of marketing essentials because it is your calling card that identifies you to the public. It’s common for Google to get $1.5 billion searches per day, and more than a trillion searches per year.

You need a website that is search engine optimized, professionally designed, and speedy to use. Real estate is a photo-intensive business, so choose a website layout that also shows off your best shots.

Strong Social Media Engagement

A strong social media presence can also help you out with your real estate marketing endeavors. Facebook is excellent for this because it’s local-centric and consists largely of people who know each other personally. Facebook also has its own Marketplace that you can use to increase your traction and visibility.

Instagram is a social media platform you should use since it allows you to take and post breathtaking photos. Your posts can also jump to the top of people’s attention by using Instagram stories and Reels. You can also go live on Instagram to connect and engage with people whenever you have something to say.

Social media lets you try out different strategies and uses of marketing materials to see what bumps up your engagement and followers. Be patient, since it takes a while to get results sometimes.

Choose the social media platform that speaks most to you as a real estate professional and begin hunting down those followers.

Publish a Real Estate Blog

So many of your real estate agent marketing goals can be accomplished with a well-done blog. Blogs improve your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking while also teaching people all about real estate.

You’ll become a real estate guru to your followers, who might later purchase or rent a property for you. A blog also opens the door for monetization avenues like real estate courses and e-books.

Use Infographics for Marketing

Infographics are some of the best realtor marketing materials you can use. They say a lot with a little bit of space and grab people’s attention. Infographics are easy to share online or by text and give people the most important bits of information they need to know.

You should also print hard copies of your marketing graphics. Hard copies are effective whether you go with a generic, no-frills brochure or color and intuitive handouts with QR codes.

Invest in Real Estate Marketing Material

These real estate marketing tactics, along with other traditional marketing materials, such as networking, and sending out custom postcards or flyers, and brochures, will help you generate more business. Realtor marketing is all about playing the long game, so don’t feel like you need to have your full toolkit together all at once. Apply these materials to your profession so that you can start getting the customers that you need.

In the meantime, rely on us when you’re ready to learn more about the business of real estate.

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