Essential Crane Maintenance Tips

There are over 160,156 heavy machinery operators in the U.S, which shows how many businesses must prioritize machine maintenance.

Regularly inspecting and tweaking cranes is essential for keeping your team safe and extending the machinery’s lifespan. But, if you’re new to this industry, it’s difficult knowing how to do this. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn how to maintain cranes and are searching for advice.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the essential crane maintenance tips to consider.

Check That the Hook Is Intact

During your annual inspection, check that the hook on the crane is in good condition. Employees rely on this to lift heavy loads, so there must be zero signs of damage. Be on the lookout for any cracks or bends in the material. If you’re struggling with your inspection, reach out to crane inspection services and they’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your machinery.

Inspect Air and Hydraulic Systems

After an extended period, the crane will likely need a service on the air and hydraulic systems. Make sure you focus on pipes and lines because these components are more vulnerable to damage.

Even if there are minor signs of problems, add them to your maintenance list for peace of mind.

Avoid Debris Buildup

Another issue with cranes is that they can accumulate dust. The problem is that any form of debris can affect the machinery’s operation, especially if it’s trapped in a moving part.

Because of this, team members should clean and lubricate cranes as it prevents contaminants from building up and causing a safety issues.

Replace Wheels Regularly

Business owners should be mindful of the crane’s wheels. These must be in top condition so that the machinery can carry large loads on the construction site or in the warehouse. A good rule of thumb is to replace the wheels when you notice any wear and tear.

Take Recordings of Maintenance and Inspections

Regardless of whether you’re hiring services or inspecting cranes yourself, keeping a record is essential. Whenever any maintenance has been completed, add that to the document as it shows that you’re prioritizing safety in the workplace. Make sure you include the date, the mechanic’s name, and any parts that have been replaced. You should also confirm that the work has been completed and sign off on the inspection.

It’s also wise to note how the crane is being used and who is using it. This is to ensure that team members are using the right machinery for the job to prevent any accidents in the workplace.

Top Crane Maintenance Tips

Hopefully, you’ll take these crane maintenance tips on board. There are many to consider, such as conducting regular inspections and maintenance jobs as it will keep the crane running smoothly for longer. Employers should also check that the air systems are sound and prevent debris buildup as it’s a safety hazard. Good luck!

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