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Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski. This is an instructional horror sport with more than one stage which is nevertheless in development. You will have to gather distinct notebooks of exclusive topics and clear up the mysteries of the “School”.              

Biography of Viktor Strobovski

Viktor Strobovski typically referred to as Viktor, is the foremost personality of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and the titular personality of the game. He is the first teacher, completely educating mathematics, and is additionally the host of the Puss Modes and the Christmas Curse event. Generally, he is the primary antagonist, however can now and again be considered performing in protagonistic ways.
Viktor is one of the sole participants of the Tarwill species nonetheless alive, the others being Tiara and Dubory. With this skill, he can exchange his structure into something he wishes, and regenerate his physique infinitely as long as his masks are left undamaged. He has possessed a human corpse in order to hide as a human.

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The Behavior of Viktor Storbovski

Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Before Alpha 0.0.6b, Viktor would appear in a long hallway when the game started to warn the player about what the game has to offer, such as violence, derogatory language, bright lights, and loud noises, along with a few other things. Afterward, he would finish up, and disappear back into the hallway.

The appearance of Viktor Strobovski

Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Viktor Strobovski visually seems to be a person male with brown hair dressed in blue shoes, darkish brown pants, a purple shirt, and a mild brown enterprise suit. He has a deep and distorted text-to-speech voice and consists of a massive ax on his back. He wears black-and-white “comedy” masks over his face at all times, and it is sooner or later published that this mask is his authentic face.

Abilities of Viktor Strobovski

Many of his current competencies are already herbal to Tarwill.
Flesh Disguise: Viktor usually wears a hide of flesh over his physique as he is teaching, and solely takes it off when he needs to use his full strength.
Powerful-Strength: Viktor has proven this in a couple of instances, such as busting down metallic doorways with his ax in solely a few strikes, catching maintain of Marzia, and conserving her in location indefinitely.
Defensive Form: If Viktor is in chance or will become unconscious, he can retract his physique into his masks to defend it from additional harm.
Mass Generation: Unlike most twills, Viktor is capable to generate a completely new physique mass at will.

Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Math Level ability of Viktor Strobovski

Upon coming into the Math Level, Viktor will appear in the welcome room to greet the protagonist, introduce himself and inform them to go to the first study room, and use the pocketbook on the desk. While the protagonist is the usage of it, he will show up in a small window inside the pocketbook to inform the protagonist about what to do and how the pocketbook accumulating gadget works.   

In the ultimate example, he encourages the protagonist to meet the different characters around the school, pronouncing they are usually happy to meet new people.

Puss Modes ability of Viktor Strobovski

 If the protagonist enters the Math Level in “puss mode“.Viktor will show up and greet the participant as usual, however, will commence observing the protagonist round the college as an alternative to simply staying in the equal place. In the first notebook, he will show up in a small window and give an explanation for the participant how to use the notebooks in an awful lot extra condescending way than before.

However, if the participant tries to enter a flawed answer, Viktor may not let them, and rather will let them attempt again. The fifth query is additionally no longer not possible and can be answered the identical as any different question

Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Language Level ability of strobovski

 In the Language Level, Viktor can be discovered subsequent to some melon peels and different junk in a small room. The protagonist can select whether or not to solely gather language notebooks or to start gathering math notebooks also.

If she decides to do the latter, Viktor will commence to pursue her again, inflicting her to have to ward off two instructors at once. If all 10 math notebooks are collected, Viktor will quit and congratulate them. If the protagonist reaches the closing chase with Marzia with all 20 notebooks at once, Viktor will show up in the front of the elevator and preserve again Marzia, giving the participant endless time to enter the codes to the elevator.

Christmas Curse ability of Viktor Strobovski

When the stage starts, Viktor will show up rapidly in the welcome room in his Christmas costume. He will greet the participant and inform her to discuss with any individual as “he” (actually she) will inform her what to do next, mentioning that he wishes to return to his work. He will then go away and head lower back to the kitchen.

Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

He will remain there till all the decorations have been placed, supposedly wrapping the presents. Once all of the decorations have been placed, he will inform everybody to go to the cafeteria, pronouncing it would be higher if all and sundry hurried a little bit. Everyone will then proceed to head for the table and go to their seats. Viktor will sit down at the head of the table.
Once every person has gathered at the desk in the right positions, Viktor will talk a quick speech about the year. A bit earlier than he finishes his speech, something will happen, relying on which ending the player has gotten.

History Version of Viktor Strobovski

Alpha 0.0.1

Viktor was once brought to the game.
Alpha 0.0.4
 A glitch was once constant that precipitated Viktor to proceed speaking when a question was once answered wrong.
Alpha 0.0.7
 Added Viktor’s subtitles.
Alpha 0.13
 Fixed a glitch that brought on Viktor to come to be caught in the WC after his jacket is ruined.
 Replaced all of Viktor’s voice lines and constant grammar.

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