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Development of mobile applications for the Real Estate Industry

Hundreds of individuals look for apartments, sign lease agreements with realtors, buy new homes and sell existing ones on a daily basis. People have less time to address such difficulties on their own due to rising demand and a faster pace of life.

Who will be called for assistance in these situations the most? To someone who can not only solve them qualitatively but also more quickly than others. A real estate mobile app can help your company stand out from the crowd.

Real estate web development services by Fireart Studio provide the following sorts of real estate applications:

  • a real estate agency application. Due to the built-in database of apartments with a description of all circumstances, it will assist in expediting the process of picking an apartment for a customer;
  • startup project. Application for development firms that implements and introduces innovative concepts to the market. 
  • selling and booking of development objects. Will assist you in locating suitable lodging for your holiday or business travel.

The format of the application’s real estate cards

There are two principles that must be followed while advertising real estate for sale or lease: brevity and informative substance. As a result, our announcement card contains the following information:

  • pictures of a room or apartment that make it easier for the customer to choose the proper place to live;
  • an address that gives you a sense of how accessible the location is;
  • dimensions, circumstances, capacities, infrastructure, and papers confirming property rights, among other things;
  • location on a map to make finding the unit simpler;
  • pricing to identify the optimal choice based on the user’s financial resources;
  • the capacity to communicate quickly by calling or writing a message

Analytics and the way we operate

Real Estate

We’re working on identifying the target audience’s profile, features, traits, and major goals and objectives before we start developing the app. We prioritize the execution of possibilities that should be in the application after gathering information about the audience, and we provide a rough estimate of the budget and schedule.

Depending on the specifics of the business, the following tools can be used:

  • abundant application for iOS and Android.
  • Website (a common solution, but not required, some projects are focused only on mobile users).
  • Admin section for administrators, moderators, partners.


We construct the project structure and develop page prototypes for the iOS and Android versions of the app at this point. Next, we consider the application’s controls and how they relate to the application’s screens, functionality, and other controls. To put it another way, you’ll be able to view the application’s logic before it’s implemented. We’re developing common system architecture, including what services will be available, what they’ll be accountable for if there will be connections with other systems, and how they’ll interact.


Following that, we establish the application’s style: color palette, typefaces, drawings, icons, and so on, and then we place it on the prototype to acquire the design concept. The application’s appearance and functionality are completely obvious. Developers receive a design layout for the application along with the relevant specification.


The project estimate is refined when the developers receive the design. Their duty is to design each screen and develop code that connects them logically and allows the authorized functionality to function. They also utilize code to communicate between the application’s visible (frontend) and unseen (backend) parts, where the data is kept (backend).

Our advantages

Target audience only

The experience of our analysts allows us to create the structure and design for applications that will meet the needs of your target audience, which means you will receive targeted traffic.

Competent usability

The convenient and detailed user interface of your application is the result of several dozen usability tests conducted by our team. The user easily achieves the set goal.

Coordination is the key to the result

We consider it important to coordinate work with the client. This way we give him a sense of control and avoid misunderstandings.

Design support

If your team will develop the application, we will offer a design control service that will ensure the exact pixel-perfect embodiment of the design layout in the form of a working application. We can also work with website design.

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