Debunking the Most Common Teeth Braces Myths That Exist Today

Over 4 million people in the U.S. wear braces to correct dental health concerns.

Have you wanted to be amongst the crowd getting straight, pearly whites but are too afraid, from what you’ve heard?

You are not only if stories of teeth braces have caused you to shy away from them. But being extremely painful, for children, and only for two years are many of the myths that are false about wearing braces. We are going to debunk a few for you below to get you over the fear of traditional braces.

Keep reading for the top seven myths you’ve heard about braces that are just not true.

1. Braces Are Painful in the Long-term

The scariest myth around teeth braces keeps many people away from ever getting them, and that’s the pain factor. Many believe that braces severely hurt for the length of them being on—yet that isn’t true.

Braces may be painful and uncomfortable at first as your teeth and mouth adjust to the new sensation. Soreness shouldn’t be a constant and a dentist should be informed if that’s the case.

2. Your Teeth Are Straight Forever

Anyone wearing braces will tell you that they wished this myth were true. However, even the best braces won’t keep your teeth straight forever. The proper maintenance needs to be upheld after the braces come off.

Wearing a retainer and following the best orthodontist advice keeps your pearly whites straight once the braces come off.

3. You’re Too Old for Teeth Braces

You often see children wearing braces to repair their teeth from an early age. Though that is the most common age range, it is a myth that anyone is too old for braces.

Anyone at any age of life can benefit from wearing braces. Adults may face dental health issues as they age, making braces a necessary and easy fix.

4. Braces Take Years to Work

Every individual has a different mouth structure and dental needs. Depending on what those are, the dentist will recommend a course of action.

Many believe it will take a full two years or longer with braces on, to actually see results, but that is false. Some dental concerns may only take a few months with braces. It is also common to get them removed around the 12 to 18-month mark.

5. Traditional Braces Are the Only Option

You have heard horror stories and seen comedic gags done around metal teeth braces. That’s enough to push anyone away from them, even if their dental health is concerned!

But the best news is that traditional braces are not your only option to repair teeth. Simple liners like Invisalign are a great option for a more seamless and hidden look.

6. Braces Set Off Metal Detectors

Traditional braces setting off metal detectors may be one of the funniest myths in the orthodontist community. Yes, some braces are made of metal. Yet the metal used in brace production is different from what the TSA is screening for in passengers.

Teeth braces are made from a lightweight metal material and are highly unlikely to set off the metal detector.

7. Braces Only Repair Crooked Teeth

People believe that teeth braces are only useful for individuals with crooked teeth. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as braces can repair a range of dental problems.

Crooked teeth are the most common, but people with over or underbites and missing teeth also find braces useful.

Debunking All Brace Myths

Teeth braces may seem scary to those who have never gone through a dental health process before, but most of the fear comes from myths. The above are only a few of the dozens of incorrect stories you hear about braces.

So get to your dentist for straighter teeth today, and check out our blog for other ways to better improve your health.

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