Debunking the Most Common Dementia Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that about 50 million people have dementia and that about 10 million new cases get diagnosed every year? In 2019, there were around 7.674 billion people in the world to give you a comparison.

If you are worried that your aging parents may be developing dementia, keep reading to understand common dementia myths.

Myth: Dementia Is a Normal Part of Aging

The reality is that dementia is not a normal part of aging. Most older adults do not develop dementia.

While the development of dementia is not part of the normal aging process, risk factors can contribute to dementia.

One of these risk factors is age; however, that does not mean that it is a normal part of aging.

Myth: Memory Loss Means You are Developing Dementia

Memory loss does not necessarily mean you are developing dementia. It is normal to forget things from time to time.

You can also struggle with memory loss during periods of high stress or depression. For most aging senior citizens with dementia, memory loss may not even be the first symptom they experience.

Myth: Dementia Affects Older Adults Only

The fact is that people can be diagnosed with dementia in their sixties, fifties, and even forties. This form of dementia is often referred to as early-onset dementia.

Myth: Dementia Is Genetic

If a family member has dementia, it does not automatically mean that you will develop dementia. While there are some risk factors associated with genetics, most individuals with dementia do not have a genetic link.

Above, early-onset dementia was mentioned. If you have a family member with this form of dementia, the genetic link may be stronger.

Myth: Dementia Means Your Life Cannot Be Normal

This is far from being true. Dementia does not mean that your life will be drastically changed, especially if you have the right support in place.

There are assisted living facilities specializing in helping individuals with dementia live as normal of a life as possible. There are also plenty of dementia care steps that can get taken at home if you choose to remain at home and use family support or in-home elderly care.

Myth: There Is a Cure for Dementia

Unfortunately, this is not true. There is no cure for dementia. However, there are medications and other treatments that can help with symptoms and improve quality of life.

There is also always hope for a cure for dementia in the future.

Myth: You Can Prevent Dementia

While there is no way to prevent dementia, there are ways you can reduce your risk. Keeping your brain and body active helps reduce the risk.

In addition, drinking less, not smoking, and eating healthy can also help to reduce your risk.

Dementia Myths Debunked

Now that these dementia myths are debunked move forward with this knowledge and use it to help your family and self stay healthy.

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