Check Stub Solutions: Is Making Fake Check Stubs Illegal?

Have you recently Googled phrases like “How to make fake check stubs?” Maybe you’ve even downloaded a fake check stub template and you’re ready to get started.

Before you do, though, ask yourself this question: How do you feel about committing fraud?

But wait, you might be thinking. Is it really that big of a deal to make fake check stubs? What happens if you get caught? And are there any instances when it might be acceptable to make your own paystubs?

We’ll answer these important questions and more, so keep reading!

Are Fake Check Stubs Illegal?

In 99% of cases, the answer is yes.

Creating fake check stubs is a form of fraud. This is a criminal offense that could land you in serious trouble with the law, facing large fines and even a prison sentence!

So, then, what’s the 1% of situations where it could be acceptable to print your own pay stub? The only time to consider this is if you live and work in a state that does not require employers to provide pay statements.

However, even if this is the case, you’ll still need to work with a legitimate accounting firm to create legally acceptable pay statements. You’ll also need to have your employer sign off on those statements.

What If My Accountant Tells Me to Make Fake Check Stubs?

Some unscrupulous accountants may advise you to make fake check stubs to request financing or secure a loan. They might downplay the consequences or even tell you it’s a perfectly acceptable action to take.

Don’t believe them! With the exception of the situation outlined above, it is never legal to make fake pay stubs. Your next steps should be to fire your accountant and find a reputable replacement.

Remember, even if your employer doesn’t usually provide pay stubs, they may be willing to do so if you ask. There’s nothing legally wrong with your employer using a paystub creator to make a real check stub for you.

What If My Employer Uses Fake Pay Stubs?

This one gets tricky, because you may not even be aware that your employer is acting fraudulently.

For example, your employer might provide a real service, but your company might not be 100% legitimate. They could be evading taxes or they might even be using the company as a front to run an illegal business.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your pay stubs or your employer’s actions, speak with an attorney ASAP. Many law firms offer free consultations, so take advantage of these and find out how to protect yourself legally.

Fake Check Stubs: Not Worth the Risk

If you’ve bookmarked a fake check stub maker, your best bet is to delete that site. No matter how badly you need a loan, it’s not worth getting into hot water legally — or going to jail!

Instead, consider ways to get your pay stub that are 100% legal. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot more to worry about than a low balance in your bank account.

Now that you know more about fake check stubs, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more informative articles like this one!

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