Best Tip on Insurance for Virginia Roofers

Insurance for Virginia roofers is a must when you work in a state bustling with construction projects. The Virginia construction industry has contributed $21.3 billion (4.0%) of the state’s GDP of $535 billion. So how can you use this to your roofing business’s advantage?

Top-of-the-line agencies and institutes only trust contractors who have a track record of success and take all necessary steps to reduce risks. The investment in these projects is huge. Even a minor oversight could prove to be disastrous. Insurance seems to be the logical answer to this predicament, but not all insurance is created equal. So, let’s guide you through our best tips on Insurance for Virginia roofers.

Contractors’ Liability Are Industry Experts 

Thankfully, we at Contractors Liability make things easy for you. Our industry experts know the market in Virginia inside out. We give you the information you need, for the insurance you need. Over the years, Builder’s Risk has been the popular insurance for Virginia roofers. When buying your own policy, let’s look at 3 things you should look for.

Choosing The Right Insurance For Virginia Roofers

  1. Check the coverage and timeline of your policy: The Builder’s Risk policy you choose will protect the roofing structure being built. It will also give coverage for your specialized equipment, but it might not account for other risks.

Companies that provide insurance for Virginia roofers often only provide protection for debris removal, contamination cleanup and loss of valuable documents such as blueprints, as optional extras. Further, while most policies usually take effect on the date the contracts are signed, some may specify different dates for when the policy begins. At Contractor’s Liability, we are with you every step of the way.  We give you all the necessary information in a transparent manner.

2. Know what is not covered: Roofing projects are among the most dangerous in the industry with employee injuries being fairly common. However, your Builder’s Risk policy will not give coverage for workplace accidents. As a result, you may end up having to pay high medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, and partial lost wages.

In such a scenario, Workers’ Compensation becomes an essential addition to your insurance for Virginia roofers. We always tell you what our policies give you coverage for, and what they don’t.

3. Keep prices in check: While the cost of your project will largely determine insurance cost, there are a few other factors you should consider. Insurers charge anywhere from 1%- to 5% of the project cost. But there are other factors you have in your control. Since the risk increases the longer your roofing project goes on, policies also become more expensive. As the trusted provider of insurance for Virginia roofers, we always give you the best deal – both in terms of price and coverage.

Take Advantage of Insurance For Virginia Roofers

In a market filled with profitable large-scale projects, your roofing business has enormous potential to grow. One right decision today could secure your business’s future for years to come. Our experienced agents at Contractors Liability will help you through the entire process. To get insured today, call us at 866-225-1950.

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